Concrete Moisture Meters

Lignomat offers 3 methods for concrete moisture meters to test moisture in concrete and other hard building materials. The Ligno-VersaTec is the only moisture meter from Lignomat to allow all 3 methods: 

PinPinlessIn-situ RH

Concrete Moisture Meters from Lignomat

  Moisture Meters In-situ RH Pinless Pin
  Ligno-DuoTec BW  
  Ligno-Tec RH    
  Ligno-Scanner SDM    
  Lignometer K    
  mini-Ligno DX/C    
  mini-Ligno S/DC    

Pin and pinless moisture meters can be used to give qualitative results of high and low moisture values. The advantage is that the meters give an instant read-out. Yet, pin or pinless measurements should not be used to determine if floor coverings or epoxy coatings can be installed. Most floor covering manufacturers added the in-situ RH test to their warranty requirements. Check the floor manufacturers manual to find out which moisture test for concrete should be performed before installing floor coverings.

All three methods are used in the construction and flooring industry. Feel free to call our Customer Service Department with questions about the best solutions for your application. 800-227-2105.


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RH In-Situ Concrete Moisture Meters

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Lignomat’s removable, reusable RH BluePeg probes comply to the latest ASTM standard F2170. The system has proven to give fast, reliable and fail-proof results. The ASTM standard sets the time limits and duration of the in-situ probe test. Easy to install, easy to use, easy to remove and economical.

Lignomat’s RH meters:
– Ligno-Tec RH:  RH in-situ test (only)
– Ligno-DuoTec BW:  RH in-situ test and pinless moisture meter
– Ligno-VersaTec:  RH in-situ test and pin and pinless moisture meter

Pinless Moisture Meters for Concrete

– Ligno-Scanner SDM: only pinless
– Ligno-DuoTec BW: pinless and in-situ concrete test
– Ligno-VersaTec: pinless, pin and in-situ concrete test

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Pinless moisture meters give instant moisture values when measuring moisture in concrete and other building materials. Measurements reach 1/4″ and 3/4″ deep. Considering the thickness of concrete slabs, the measurements only include sections close to the surface.

If you are performing in-situ RH testing, pinless moisture measurements can show areas of high moisture concentrations, where the holes for the RH probes should be drilled. Pinless moisture meters are used in the restoration industry after water spills and water damage originating from the top of the concrete.

Pin Moisture Meters for Concrete

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Pin moisture meters listed below can be used with the Electrode E16 to evaluate moisture in concrete up to 7″ deep:

The advantage of pin measurement is that measurements can be obtained at different depth levels up to 7″ deep indicating a moisture gradient in the slab. Predrilling holes may be necessary. Measurements are available instantly as soon as the pins are set and the meter is connected.

Another option: Monitor concrete with EL pins.

Combo Moisture Meter:

The LignoVersaTec package V6-KS allows for measuring concrete using all modes: 

You may want to add electrode E12 or/and E14 for measuring wood and other materials . For all measurements, no matter which function you use, the Ligno-VersaTec gives superior results.  

Why Lignomat Moisture Meters:

Accuracy of a moisture meter depends on the stability of the measuring circuitry and the ability to correct for the material to be measured.

Pin and Pinless Moisture Measurements

  • Lignomat’s moisture meters have a great track record for keeping their calibration stable for the life time of the moisture meter. All our pinless moisture meters have a built-in check and re-calibration feature to keep the calibration unchanged. Whether the moisture meter is old or new, hot or cold, the calibration will stay for the life-time of the moisture meter. The best examples are the original mini-Lignos, which were sold 40 years ago and to this day kept their calibration. If proof of calibration is required for a job, we supply external calibration check blocks for pin moisture meters and for pinless moisture meters.

  • We continuously add correction factors to our moisture meters to allow accurate measurements for different  wood species and newly introduced materials to give our customers up-to-date moisture meters. In the past years we have added corrections for bamboo, OSB, Advantech and other flooring products. The latest addition for the building industry were corrections for wall panels, water resistant backer board and exterior and interior glass matt wall panels.

RH/T/DPT/GPP Measurements

  • Lignomat developed the RH BluPeg probe for in-situ probe testing of concrete and for ambient conditions (RH / Temp / DPT / GPP). The RH probe uses a single micro-chip sensor factory calibrated to NIST standards. For an extra charge we can supply an ISO 17025 accredited calibration certificate for individual RH BluePeg probes. For on-site calibration tests we supply a salt-solution.

We manufacture quality moisture meters. Our good reputation is the best testimony. Select the pinless moisture meter you need and if you have a question call 800-227-2105 or send an Email to 

We provide professional customer service in helping you to select the right moisture meter for your application and once you own a Lignomat moisture meter, you can still count on our expert advice. (Ask our customers.)

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