Parts in-situ Probe Testing for Concrete

Lignomat’s reliable and accurate RH in-situ probe system uses the latest sensing technology for measuring the moisture in concrete. We have designed the BluePeg probes, sleeves, cables and meters to allow for fast, simple and fail-proof testing. After the initial investment, only the sleeves are disposable. RH BluePeg probes can be used time and time again. In compliance with ASTM F2170.

Lignomat offers 3 meters and 1 data logger for in-situ RH testing:
• Ligno-Tec: RH
• Ligno-DuoTec BW: RH and pinless 
• Ligno-VersaTec: RH and pinless and pin
• Memo-Chip BL2: RH/Tem/DPT/GPP/EMC