Packages Ligno-VersaTec for in-situ Concrete Test

Packages listed below are for contractors, inspectors, flooring and restoration applications, dealing with many different materials. Depending on the accessories added, the Ligno-VersaTec can provide:

  • Pin and pinless measurements
  • Relative humidity and ambient temperature measurements
  • In-situ RH concrete testing (ASTM F2170)

Electrodes E12, E14,  E16, can be added for pin measurements of wood, concrete and other solid materials. RH Thermo-Hygro probe for relative humidity and temperature.

Package V24-KM is often used by floor inspectors. It comes with electrode E12 for in-depth wood moisture measurements, electrode E14 to check for moisture accumulations in buildings, accessories for in-situ RH concrete test and it can be used as a fast-acting, precision Thermo-Hygrometer