Packages Ligno-VersaTec for in-situ Concrete Test

moisture meter package with pin, pinless and RH moisture meter

Packages listed below are for contractors, inspectors, flooring and restoration applications, dealing with many different materials. Depending on the accessories added, the Ligno-VersaTec can provide:

  • Pin and pinless measurements
  • Relative humidity and ambient temperature
  • In-situ RH concrete testing (ASTM F2170)

Electrodes E12, E14,  E16, can be added for pin measurements of wood, concrete and other solid materials. RH Thermo-Hygro probe for relative humidity and temperature.

Package V24-KM is often used by floor inspectors. It comes with electrode E12 for in-depth wood moisture measurements, electrode E14 to check for moisture accumulations in buildings, accessories for in-situ RH concrete test and it can be used as a fast-acting, precision Thermo-Hygrometer