Lignometer K

The Lignometer K incorporates the most advanced measuring technology for pin moisture meters with over 150 individual wood species corrections, a wide measuring range 5-99% and built-in wood temperature corrections. Reliability, calibration accuracy and ease-of-operation are the outstanding features. In addition, the K is built sturdy to withstand harsh working environments. Add electrode of your choice for optimum usage.

It is the right meter for quality control when drying lumber, for furniture and cabinet manufacturing and flooring applications. If the lumber is hot or cold, the meter can correct for different wood temperatures. Ideal for in-kiln readings with PK Probes

It is the right meter to evaluate moisture conditions in buildings during  inspections and restoration projects. Small changes in moisture are picked-up by this sensitive meter, which makes it easy to accurately pin point questionable areas, where too much moisture has been absorbed.

A meter you can trust, when measuring moisture in wood and non-wood materials. 

Item Number: K-0


Product Description

The Lignometer K is a pin moisture meter for applications, where accuracy is expected to be at its best. This is a great lumber moisture meter features a wide moisture range (5-99)*. The moisture meter comes with 150 individualized correction settings to give accurate moisture percentages when measuring different wood species, bamboo and drywall.  For all other materials reference scales are built-in to give comparative measurements.

Reliability, calibration accuracy and ease-of-operation are outstanding. Unsurpassed accuracy is guaranteed even in the critical range below 8%. 

Corrections are built-in for:

  • domestic and tropical wood species
  • OSB, sub floors, engineered floors
  • bamboo*
  • gypsum (3 scales for sheetrock wall board).
  • reference scales tailored to the products to be measured: wood composites, laminated panels, vinyl, textile, lightweight building materials and heavy building materials such as concrete tile, stone, etc.

Pin Measurements: The Lignometer K moisture meter does not come with built-in pins, therefore an attachment electrode or in-kiln cable is required to obtain measurements. We offer 4 electrodes with an assortment of pins up to 7″ long. For remote measurements in lumber dry kilns we offer in-kiln cables, probes and switch boxes.

Package K2-M: Includes moisture meter, slide-hammer electrode, 2 pair pins (1 pr DA 1.5” and 1 pr DZ 1”), cable and case. Best quality control in lumber processing facilities is accomplished by using a slide-hammer electrode with teflon-coated pins for core measurements.

Package K4-S: Includes moisture meter, inspector electrode / cable and EG insulated 3/4” pins and a case. The E14 electrode was designed for construction, restoration and maintenance to easily measure hard-to-reach areas in the building envelope.

In addition, the Electrode E14 can be used to penetrate hard materials such as strand bamboo even concrete. The electrode allows hammering on top to penetrate these hard surfaces.

Package K6-S: Includes moisture meter, electrode E16 / cable and EC pins 5/8″ and a case. The E16 electrode is used to measure hard building materials, concrete, brick, stone, tile. the 2-post electrode is easier to manage for the hard materials and allows a wider distance between the pins.

In-Kiln Monitors
For in-kiln applications we offer accessories from a one-cable in-kiln monitor to a stand-alone wireless monitoring system for multiple kilns. Give us a call to find the right set-up for your kiln operation: Call 800-227-2105 . You can count on our expertise when calling. We have sold and provided service for thousands of kiln control systems with in-kiln monitors. We offer wireless and wire-bound measurements for all kilns from solar to large industrial dry kilns.  Packages K-11, K2-11M, K2-33M

Building Monitors
An assortment of pins, probes, screws and cables is available to monitor areas in the building envelope, which are hard to reach with hand probes. Periodic measurements indicate if the area is drying out, stable or picking up moisture. Packages K-10, K4-10S

Calibration Stability: The Lignometer K moisture meter has proven to be a trustworthy meter. The circuitry has been designed to be stable in extreme ambient conditions. The calibration is checked before each measurement and if necessary, automatically adjusted. These “background checks” before measurements assure calibration consistency for every reading for Lignomat’s pin moisture meters. Manual re-calibration by the customer is not necessary. Lignomat offers an external calibration check block TP to confirm the accuracy of the meter.

Operation:  Working with the Lignometer K moisture meter is that easy!

  • Depress SET Button to check settings. Use up or down buttons to correct settings.
  • Depress % Button for moisture readings.
  • Instrument turns itself off automatically after 3 minutes.
  • HOLD function is available for measuring in places where the display cannot be seen or when taking photos of the display.
  • Display shows moisture percentage, wood species and wood temperature settings.

    *Measuring range depends on wood species settings.
    *Moisture measurements above fiber saturation point are less accurate.

For more information please contact Customer Service at 1-800-227-2105.

Lignomat USA Ltd, 14345 NE Morris Crt., Portland OR 97230, USA,


5-99% dependent upon species settings*
Resolution  0.1% for entire measuring range
Over 150 individualized settings for wood species corrections
00F to 210 0F  or  -150C to 950C
Gypsum (Sheetrock) Scale 3 percent scales for different wall boards
Reference Scale
0-99 for non-wood building materials
Calibration Check Stable calibrations not affected by ambient temperatures. The calibration is internally checked by the meter before each reading and if necessary automatically adjusted. No manual adjustments necessary.
Calibration Check External calibration check block #TP is available to verify the calibration and to check functions of meter, electrode and cable.
Battery One 9 V battery
Size 2.5″ x 4.75″ x 1″ (60 x 120 x 25 mm)
Weight 8 ounces (200 g), made out of high-impact plastic
Attachments Electrodes or PK Probes required >
Warranty All Lignomat meters come with a 2 year warranty. Accessories have one year warranty. Battery and pins are excluded.


  • *Measuring range depends on wood species settings.
  • *Moisture measurements above fiber saturation point are less accurate.