Inline Moisture Meters

What is an Inline Moisture Meter? An Inline Moisture Meter is a combination hardware and software that allows the automatic measurement of the moisture content of lumber as it moves through the mill on a conveyor. The Moisture Sensor Head may be oriented either transverse to the board’s direction of motion or longitudinally. What are the advantages of using an Inline Moisture Meter?

  • More reliable moisture content measurements
  • Less handling of the lumber

Technology- System Overview The Lignomat Inline Moisture Meter is a system of combined hardware and software that allows the moisture content of boards to be measured as the boards go passed on a conveyor. There are two basic system configurations: transverse, where the boards’ moisture contents are measured as the boards’ widths pass over the long axis of the moisture sensing head, and longitudinal, the boards’ moisture contents are measured as their lengths pass over the long axis of the moisture sensing head. The Lignomat Inline Moisture Meter consists of:

  • 1 Lignomat Control Processor
  • 1-6 Moisture Sensor Heads
  • 1 Moisture Sensor Controller for each Sensing Head
  • 1 500-Pulse Inline Encoder
  • 1- 2 Photo Eyes
  • Operator Interface
  • Data Collection Computer

Moisture Measuring Technology At the heart of Lignomat’s Inline Moisture Meter is the Moisture Sensor Head. The Moisture Sensor Head consists of a protective housing enclosing a pair of copper foil sheets. Electrically, the copper foil sheets form one leg of a capacitance bridge. When a board goes over the Moisture Sensor Head and the capacitance of that leg changes, unbalancing the bridge. Lignomat’s Moisture Sensor technology has been shown by an independent testing organization to be superior to other technologies. This because the Lignomat Moisture Sensor’s degree of bridge unbalance is measured using two audio frequencies, 312Hz and 10KHz. The advantage of the two tone solution is that moisture measurements are accurate regardless of changes in board density within a species. SpecificationsMoisture Sensor Head

  • Accurately measures board moisture contents from 6%- 27% (saturation)
  • Measurement reproducibility +/- 0.5% or better
  • Available in 18”, 21”, and 28” widths
  • May be mounted transversely or longitudinally to the direction of the conveyor

Operator Interface

  • Separation of boards into “too wet”, “too dry”, or “acceptable” moisture contents can be done either by averaging the moisture content over the entire board or by detection of a single wet spot

Data Collection Computer

  • Can count boards by moisture classification or by width
  • Can export collected data into spreadsheets
  • Can display moisture distribution by lot or by work shift