Cable Monitor for Concrete with VersaTec

The Ligno-VersaTec can be used to monitor concrete moisture up to 7″ deep with LP-H or LP-mini cables and teflon-coated EL pins. The loop nuts secure the cable to the EL pins. The adapter H is needed to connect the split cable ends to the Ligno-VersaTec. 

Readings are obtained at any time by connecting the cables to the Ligno-VersaTec. Use the MC/RH Tracker as data logger to record measurements. For readings in concrete without extension cables, add electrode E16.

The Ligno-VersaTec by itself is a pinless, dual-depth meter set up for measuring wood products, floor coverings and concrete. The meter is calibrated for different wood species, for all other materials relative scales are available.

For assistance to select the right accessories call Customer Service at 800-227-2105.