mini-Ligno S/DC

The mini-Ligno S/DC is set-up to measure moisture in wood and panel products as well as drywall, gypsum and other building materials. Because of this dual-purpose, the meter is used in the flooring, construction, maintenance, home inspection and restoration industry. Even home owners can make good use of the meter when tracking moisture problems or for periodic check-ups to see if a leak has been permanently fixed.

mini-Ligno S/DC has a moisture range from 6-45% and 6 built-in settings to measure:

Softwood, hardwood, wood floors and panel products (%)
Gypsum drywall and wall boards (%) (same as mini DX/C)
Reference scale for laminates and building materials such as concrete, brick, …

Maximum measuring depth with built-in pins is  measure 7/16″. Inspectors can add electrode E14-m to track moisture behind walls up to 7″ deep (EIFS). Depth electrode E12 (up to 2″ deep) can be added to measure sub floors without removing any floor planks. Remote cables are available for surveillance of problem areas. (S-10)
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The S/DC guarantees accuracy and reliability when assessing moisture and mold problems. 

Item Number: SD-1


Product Description

The mini-Ligno S/DC is a great meter for measuring moisture in drywall. It is a pin moisture meter for wood, gypsum, drywall and other building materials with the following features:

  • 2 Settings for wood species corrections: hardwoods,  softwoods and panel products
  • 3 Settings for gypsum, drywall and water resistant, interior and exterior glass-mat wall boards
  • 1 Reference scale 0-99 for non-wood building materials such as plaster, insulation, concrete

  • A measuring range low enough to check hardwood floors (6%*)
  • A measuring range high enough to evaluate wet lumber (25%*)
  • A bright, digital LED display readable even in poorly lit areas
  • The red LED display is virtually indestructible, has a life-time warranty
  • Resolution of 0.1% below the critical range of 10%, 1% steps above 10%
  • Auto hold function displays the last measured value for 30 seconds to allow you to see the value, even if the display was hidden while measuring.
  • Auto shut-off after 30 seconds to save battery power.
  • Built-in automatic calibration check before each measurement to guarantee accurate readings for the life-time of the meter.
  • Connection for external cables and electrodes. Attachments allow reaching areas,
    which the built-in pins cannot reach, see below

Using a moisture meter is necessary for detecting, analyzing and then repairing unsafe moisture conditions in buildings. Moisture defects in the building envelope do not only look ugly, but can cause deterioration of building components by mold and dry rot.  Mold is not only bad for structural integrity of a building, but mold can be very harmful to the human health.

An easy-to-use, reliable instrument.

The functionally designed mini-Ligno S/DC fits comfortably in your hand when measuring and is small enough to carry in a shirt-pocket. The green cap covers the pins during transportation and serves as a handle when pushing the pins into the wood. This unique design allows pushing behind the entire meter to insert the tapered pins easily. Longer pins (measuring depth 7/16″) are stored inside the meter for measuring thicker materials. Pins for 3/16″ (5mm) and 7/16″ (10mm) measuring depth come with each mini-Ligno.

Measurements:  As you push the pins into the material to be measured, the unique on-off switch between the pins is depressed automatically and turns the meter on. Instantly bright LED lights indicate the moisture percentage. When the pins are taken out of the material, the last measurement is displayed for 30 seconds. This is important, when measuring in a location, where the display cannot be seen. 

The LED display is virtually unbreakable and comes with a life-time warranty. No hassle ever with a broken display! Automatic on-off switch extends battery life.

Each mini-Ligno comes with a set of
#MA Pins for a measuring depth of 3/16″ (5mm) and
#MB Pins for a measuring depth of 7/16″ (10mm).
If the built-in pins at the S/DC meter cannot reach deep enough to measure trouble spots under window sills, in corners, through insulation etc.,  add the electrode E14-m and EL pins (7″) , see package S4-P


If you need to measure deeper than the integral pins of the meter can reach, choose one of the packages:

You have a choice between 2 mini-Lignos for building surveillance and restoration: the mini-Ligno S/DC or the DX/C. The DX/C offers the same settings for gypsum and building materials. However, the DX/C has 42 settings to correct for different domestic and tropical wood species. If you are a flooring contractor or manufacture and install cabinets, consider the mini-Ligno DX/C.

The standard mini-Ligno model is equipped with built in pins for handheld moisture measurements. mini-Ligno C-Models come with built in pins as well as connectors for use with external cables and electrodes.

– mini-Ligno MD

– mini-Ligno E/D

– mini-Ligno S/D
– mini-Ligno DX.


mini-Ligno MD/C
– mini-Ligno S/DC

– mini-Ligno DX/C


(*) Low and high range vary with wood species settings. Moisture measurements are less accurate above fiber saturation point at about 25%.

For more information please contact Customer Service at 1-800-227-2105.

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mini-Ligno S/DC – Pin Moisture Meter

Included S/DC meter, 2 pairs of pins, measuring depth of 3/16″ and 7/16″ (5, 10mm). Cap, wrist strap and pouch, one 9V battery, manual and laminated wood species card.
6-45%, dependent upon wood species*
Wood Species
2 settings to correct for
– softwood, hardwood and panel products (%)
Gypsum Corrections 3 settings to correct for gypsum, drywall, wall boards (waterproof, exterior and interior) % scale
Reference Scale 1 Reference scale for non-wood building materials such as concrete, brick, plaster, insulation… Range 0-99. For Search and Compare Mode.
Display Bright, light-emitting, digital LED display with 0.1% resolution below 10% and 1% steps above 10%. Most durable display with a lifetime warranty.
Hold and
Auto hold function automatically freezes the last measured value for 30 seconds. Allows to see the value, even if the display was hidden while measuring. Meter shuts itself off after 30 seconds to save battery power.
Stable calibration, not affected by ambient temperatures. Built-in calibration check before each measurement with automatic adjustments if necessary. Accuracy for the life-time of the meter. All mini-Lignos are calibrated for a wood temperature of 70°F (20°C). A correction table for other wood temperatures is listed in the manual.
Calibration Check External calibration check block #TP is available to verify the calibration and functions of the meter, cable and electrode.
Connector The mini-Ligno S/DC has built-in pins and connection for external electrodes.
Size Pocket-size 2 3/4″ x 5″ x 1″ (70 x 140 x 25 mm)
Weight 8 ounces (200 g), made out of high-impact plastic
Warranty All mini-Lignos have a 2-year warranty. Display has a lifetime warranty. Accessories have a 1-year warranty. Pins and battery are excluded.

*Wood moisture measurements are less accurate above fiber saturation point at about 25%.

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