The Ligno-VersaTec combines the accurate and dependable measuring technologies of Lignomat’s pin, pinless and RH meters.

Everybody needing a versatile, accurate meter will appreciate the multiple functions and reliability of the VersaTec. You can choose the right measuring mode and accessories for accurate percent readings or fast estimates.

It could be tracking moisture problems with a pin electrode or measuring humidity in a crawl space. Floor installers can check cupped floors with the dual-depth pinless mode. Pinless Search and Compare Mode can track moisture in walls, ceilings and floors. Lumber mills use the meter to make sure QC requirements are followed.

Pin and pinless side by side:  Large areas are scanned fast and easy. Dual-depth measurements at 1/4″ and 3/4″ allow comparison of moisture close to the surface and deeper down. Once a problem is found, pin electrodes are used for further investigations.

RH mode: Add RH BluePeg humidity probe to have a precision thermo-hygrometer for RH, T, GPP, DPT. Add RH concrete accessories to perform in-situ moisture tests in concrete (ASTM F-2170).

The Ligno-VersaTec covers all applications for pin, pinless and RH measurements. No matter which measuring mode you use, the Ligno-VersaTec gives superior results.

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Product Description

Pin – Pinless – RH: When moisture and humidity need to be measured, the Ligno-VersaTec combo moisture meter offers the best solutions – all in one meter. The moisture meter features the most advanced measuring technology for pin and pinless moisture meters with individual correction settings for over 150 wood species. A wide moisture range for pin mode (5-99*), with built-in wood temperature corrections (pin only) and dual-depth capability for pinless.

The Ligno-VersaTec combo moisture meter by itself is a fully functioning pinless moisture meter which provides precise moisture percentages, but can also be used for quick-scanning areas for high and low moisture levels. To use pin mode, add one of Lignomat’s electrodes. To use the RH / Thermo-Hygrometer mode add Lignomat’s RH BluePeg Probe.

Corrections are built-in for pin and pinless mode for:

  • domestic and tropical wood species
  • OSB, Advantech, sub floors, engineered floors and other panel products
  • bamboo*
  • gypsum (sheetrock, water resistant, interior and exterior glass mat wall boards).
  • reference scales tailored to the products to be measured: wood composites, laminated panels, vinyl, textile, lightweight building materials and heavy building materials such as concrete (ASTM F2659), tile, stone, etc.

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* Solid and engineered bamboo:  Lignomat developed a set of special calibrations for the flooring industry. Bamboo calibrations for pinless measurements are different from wood calibrations to fit horizontal, vertical, strand and engineered Bamboo products in pinless mode.

The moisture meter provides for pin, pinless and RH measurements:
Pinless: Two flat measuring plates are mounted on the back of the meter.
Pin: BNC connector for electrode E12/E14/E16 and in-kiln and building monitor cables  (needs Adapter H)
RH: 3.5mm stereo jack to connect RH cable or RH adapter.

Calibration Stability: The Ligno-VersaTec moisture meter has proven to be a trustworthy moisture meter. The calibration for pin and pinless mode is checked internally before each measurement and if necessary, automatically adjusted. These “background checks” before measurements assure calibration consistency for every reading for Lignomat’s pinless moisture meters. Manual re-calibration by the customer is not necessary. Lignomat offers an external calibration check block TS for scan and TP for pin to confirm the accuracy and functionality of meter, cable and electrode..

Pinless Mode: Lignomat’s unique pinless measuring technology assures calibration accuracy, reliability and dual-depth measuring capability, measuring depth 1/4″ and 3/4″. The meter indicates wood moisture in percent, corrected for 150 different settings. Specific gravity can also be entered to correct for different wood species, settings between 30-100 (0.3 – 1.0).

Pinless advantage: Pinless moisture meters from Lignomat measure lower moisture contents than pin moisture meters. A feature specifically valued by the flooring industry in areas with low relative humidity and high desert climate zones.

Reference Scales: Reference scales are used in pin and pinless mode to compare moisture levels, when measuring materials where a correction setting is unknown. This could be a flooring material, plastic and other materials used in the building envelope. Ref. scales are often used in the restoration and building industry to quickly detect different moisture levels.

Reference Scale for Concrete: Moisture conditions within the upper 3/4″ depth can be measured. When performing in-situ probe testing in concrete, pinless measurements can find areas of high moisture levels where in-situ probes should be set. However, it is not the right method to determine if a concrete slab is dry enough for resilient floor coverings to be installed. For more information go to the NWFA Installation Guidelines. For use of pinless moisture meters see ASTM F2659.

Many materials other than wood products can be checked to determine different moisture conditions. When measuring wood, the Ligno-VersaTec combo moisture meter gives accurate moisture readings in percent corrected for different wood species.

Measuring Depth Pinless:  Selectable measuring depth 1/4″ and 3/4″ is another plus for the Ligno-VersaTec. The measuring depth for all pinless moisture meters is crucial. Most pinless moisture meters are calibrated for a product thickness of 3/4″, which allows measuring products between 3/4″ and 1.5″ thick (if both sides are accessible for measurements). That presents a problem for thinner products. With the dual-depth Ligno-Scanner SD you can measure all products from veneer up to 1.5″ thick.

If you would measure products thinner than 3/4″ with a measuring depth of 3/4″, the indicated value is wrong. For products thinner than 3/4″, which are laying on a solid surface (concrete, sub floor, work table), measurements could be too high, because the solid surface is included in the measurements. If thinner products are measured with an air space underneath, measurements will be too low, because not enough material is underneath the measuring plates. The 1/4″ depth gives accurate measurements for products 5/8″ or less . Even veneer can be measured.

The moisture meter is sensitive to surface moisture and for that reason it is ideal to check waterborne finishes between coatings or to check dryness of surfaces after industrial cleaning.

Summary of Packages for Ligno-VersaTec

If you have selected the Ligno-VersaTec moisture meter, you can review all packages here, allowing you to use the moisture meter to its full potential:

→ meter only
with Thermo-Hygromete probe
→ with pin electrodes
→ with in-kiln cables and PK wood probes
→ with cables to monitor using screws or pins
→ for in-situ concrete testing

The pin mode of the VersaTec is the same as the pin mode in the Lignometer K (pin moisture meter only).
The pinless mode of the VersaTec is the same as the pinless mode in the Ligno-Scanner SDM (pinless moisture meter only).
The RH mode of the VersaTec is the same as the RH mode in the Ligno-Tec RH (RH meter only)

Operation:  Working with the Ligno-VersaTec is simple with clearly marked push buttons. Moisture meter fits comfortable in your hand for pin and pinless readings.  Functions include:

  • SET: to dial species, wood temperature and measuring depth.
  • READ: to obtain moisture measurements.
  • HOLD function is available for measuring in places, where the display cannot be seen or when taking photos of the display
  • Instrument stays on for 3 minutes, then turns itself off.
  • While in pinless mode, measuring depth can be changed by depressing up or down keys.
  • When the RH BluePeg is connected, the moisture meter automatically switches to RH mode. No further set-up is necessary.
  • Display shows moisture percentage, wood species, wood temperature (only pin) and depth settings (only pinless).

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Properties Pin Mode Pinless Mode
Moisture Range 5-99%* 5-60%*
Resolution 0.1% for entire measuring range 0.1% for entire measuring range
Measuring Depth Up to 2″ with electrode E12 (6.4cm)
Up to 7″ with electrode E14, E16 (17.5cm)
Up to 2¾″ (7cm) with PK probes, in-kiln
1/4″ and 3/4″ deep (7 mm and 20 mm)
Wood Species Corrections 150 individualized settings 150 individualized settings
Wood Temperature Corrections 0°F to 210°F -10°C to 95°C Not necessary.
Reference Scale  for non-wood building materials (0-99) 3 sensitivity levels: wood, concrete, and other materials (0-99)
Calibration The calibration is internally checked before each reading and automatically adjusted if needed. Test blocks available. The calibration is internally checked before each reading and automatically adjusted if needed. Test blocks available.
Battery One 9 V battery One 9 V battery
Size 2.5″ x 4.75″ x 1″
(60 mm x 120 mm x 25 mm)
2.5″ x 4.75″ x 1″
(60 mm x 120 mm x 25 mm)
Weight 8 ounces (200 g), made out of high-impact plastic 8 ounces (200 g), made out of high-impact plastic
Electrodes Electrode or PK Probe required No attachments necessary
Warranty All moisture meters from Lignomat have a 2-year warranty. All accessories have a 1-year warranty, and battery and pins are excluded.


Properties RH Measurements with RH BluePeg Probes
Relative Humidity Range 0% to 99.9% 
±2% for 10% to 90%
±3% for below 10% and above 90%
Resolution for entire range is 0.1%
Range 5°F to 160°F  (-15°C to 70°C)
±0.5°F for 32°F to 120°F  (±0.3°C for 0°C  to 50°C, )
±1°F for 5°F to 32°F .(±0.5°C for -15°C to 0°C, )
±1°F for 120°F to 160°F .(±0.5°C for 50°C to 70°C, )
Resolution for entire range  is 0.1°F (0.1°C)
DPT -17.8°F to 160°F (0°F to 70°F)
GPP 0-99.9
Resolution 0.1
RH Probe Ø 0.5 inches (1.27cm), length 1.35 inches (3.8cm)
RH Probe
Easy-to-connect 3.5 mm stereo connectors.
RH probe comes with jack.
RH adapter and RH cables come with plugs on both ends to connect RH BluePeg probe to moisture meters or data loggers.
Hole Liners
1.8″ and 3.0″ long. Sleeves can be shortened to desired lengths. Extension past 3″ is available.
Calibration All RH BluePeg probes are NIST certified
Calibration Salts for 33 and 75% RH available.
During the first year Lignomat checks calibration of RH probes three times at no charge.
Meter 4.75″ x 2.5 x 1″ (12cm x 6cm x 2.5cm)
Weight 8 ounces (200 g), made out of high-impact plastic
Warranty All moisture meters have a 2 year warranty. All accessories incl. RH BluePeg probe have a 1 year warranty and battery and pins are excluded

All Lignomat meters come with a 2 year warranty. Accessories have one year warranty. Battery and pins are excluded.

  • *Measuring range depends on wood species settings.
  • *Moisture measurements above fiber saturation point are less accurate.
  • *Pinless meters from Lignomat can read lower moisture content than pin meters.

For more information please contact Customer Service at 1-800-227-2105.

Lignomat USA Ltd, 14345 NE Morris Ct., Portland OR 97230, USA,