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An Accurate Moisture Meter is an Essential Tool for Every Restoration Job

When called to investigate a water damaged site, the first step is assessing the moisture infiltration and separating good materials from bad. An essential tool for restoration in an accurate moisture meter. However, measuring moisture accurately is not as easy as pushing pins into the material or scanning the surface with a pinless moisture meter. […]

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Moisture Content of Wood

Nobody would worry about moisture in wood, if it would not be for shrinking and warping or the danger of mold development. Both problems have made the moisture content in wood an important factor. The first step in the prevention of moisture problems is knowing the moisture content of wood. But, it is actually not […]

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How Seasonal Changes in Humidity Affect Wood?

When wood is exposed to different temperatures and different RH of the air it will either absorb moisture or it will lose moisture. Thus, with the changing seasons wood can absorb or lose moisture. EMC is Equilibrium Moisture Content. The EMC is what the moisture content of the wood will be when the wood will not […]

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Discover the Mini-Ligno Moisture Meter: Featured in Woodcraft Magazine!

“How to Air-Dry Lumber” by Dave Boyt features Lignomat mini-Ligno moisture meter. Dave uses our meter to demonstrate monitoring his wood stacks when air-drying his lumber. Having our Mini-Ligno Moisture Meter featured in Woodcraft Magazine is a testament to its reliability and efficiency. We take pride in providing our customers with high-quality tools that enhance […]

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Introducing Lignomat Wireless Data Logger: Your Ultimate Solution for Precise Monitoring

Ever wondered how to remotely monitor moisture with precision, efficiency, and quality in your operations? Meet the Lignomat Wireless Data Logger – your all-in-one solution for accurate, hassle-free monitoring of wood and building material moisture, EMC, and temperature. Its ability to provide real-time data, monitor critical parameters, and facilitate remote monitoring makes it an essential […]

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How to Check Calibration and Function of Your Moisture Meter?

Every floor installer and inspector should have a meter to check the moisture in wood floors. Having a moisture meter and knowing how to use it is not all there is to know. It is also important to know how to check calibration and function of the moisture meter to avoid false measurements. Recently I […]

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Lignomat’s Unique Design for Taking Measurements Using ASTM F-2170

The RH BluePeg uses a single microchip, factory calibrated to NIST Standards. Each BluePeg comes with a NIST traceable certificate. The RH BluePeg probes comply with the latest ASTM F2170. For the first year, Lignomat offers to check the probe calibration at no charge. For sensitive tests, the calibration of the removable probes could be […]

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How to Use a Reference Scale When Analyzing a Concrete Slab

When placing a floor covering over concrete slabs, a contractor must first evaluate the concrete to ensure proper acclimation has been met. We often use two different methods for evaluating moisture in materials: a qualitative analysis and a quantitative analysis. Qualitative vs Quantitative Analysis Often times with a moisture meter we describe the scale as […]

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Contractors and Restoration Specialists’ Choice: Lignomat Data Loggers and Wireless Moisture-Log System

Lignomat Memo Chip BL2  Specifically for contractors and restoration specialists: for job-site surveillance and long-term monitoring. Alarms can be set to alert when unwanted conditions occur. Extension cables (standard stereo cable and 3.5mm connector) allow mounting the RH probe where it can best measure and the BL2 where it can be reached easily. Specifically for Wood: […]

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