Package S6-P


For floor installation, inspection and restoration projects, building maintenance and  home repair work. Adding the Electrode E16 with 2 different posts allows measuring moisture in concrete and other materials from the top to 7″ deep. E16 with long pins can find moisture up to 7″.

When the integral pins of the mini-Ligno S/DC are not reaching the areas to be measured or the material is too hard for the pins to be pushed in by hand (concrete).


The mini-Ligno S/DC moisture meter measures hardwoods, softwoods, panel products and drywall, exterior and interior wall boards with percent scales and concrete and other building materials with a reference scale (with E16) .

Electrode E16 used  to measure concrete and other hard to measure materials or oddly shaped objects, where the distance between the measuring pins needs to be either closer or further apart. Also for depth measurements up to 7″. With the E16 you get instant results when measuring moisture levels in concrete.

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Product Description

Package S6-P

High moisture levels are often the cause for problems in the building envelope from concrete slabs to wood floors to walls, ceilings and roofs. The electrode E16 is designed for checking moisture in concrete slabs and other hard building materials. Measuring depth can be extended up to 7″ with EL pins (add-on).

The package S6-P consists of:

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The moisture meter of your choice, the mini-Ligno S/DC is the right meter for construction, restoration professionals and home maintenance projects. It comes with pins and a connector built-in for external electrodes and monitor cables. Features are the wide measuring range and corrections for measuring softwood, hardwood and panel products, gypsum and different types of wall boards and a reference scale for concrete and other building materials.

For wood: The integral pins at the mini-Ligno measure 7/16” deep. When measuring thicker lumber, you can make a fresh cut and measure the end grain to reach the core. If it is not feasible to cut the wood, you can add the electrode E12 for depth measurements.

For building materials: The pins on the meter work well in soft materials such as drywall for a depth of 7/16″. If corners and tight places cannot be reached with the integral meter pins, the electrode E16 can be used for measurements up to 7″ deep. (Add-on EL pins).

Electrode E16 is used mainly to measure hard building materials, such as concrete slabs, brick walls, tile. The electrode can also be used when the distance or the angle between the 2 measuring pins need to be changed. Standard distance between pins is 1 1/4″.

The electrode E16 consists of two separate posts. Each post is 2″ long with a ball head. The cable is connected through a hole in the post using a 4mm banana plug. The bottom of the posts have threads for the pins. An assortment of pins is available with lengths from 3/16″ to 7″ (Pins EG, EL and EC, EA, EV). Tapping on top of the ball head with a mallet or hammer will drive pins into the material. Pre-drilling holes maybe required for deeper measurements.

We recommend a distance of 4″ (10cm) between the pins for measuring cementitious materials including concrete. Cementitious materials have a very low electrical resistance compared to wood and tend to give high values, therefore changing the distance allows a wider moisture range.

Measurements obtained from concrete or cementitious materials are not true percent values. They only can be used as reference numbers or comparative readings. Comparative measurements become meaningful, when a dry (wet) sample piece of the material is available. Measurements can then be compared to the moisture value for dry (wet).

Using the mini-Ligno S/DC with the Electrode E16 gives immediate results when measuring concrete. The measurements can show areas of high and low moisture. If measurements are taken with the EL pins at different depth levels, the moisture profile of the slab becomes obvious. However, it cannot replace the in-situ probe test or the Calcium-Chloride test which allow to determine, if a wood floor can be installed.

Available pins for E16:
EG pins teflon coated, measuring depth 3/4″
EL pins teflon coated, measuring depth 7″
EC 5/8″, EA 7/16″, EV 3/16″, un-coated

EC pins are included in package S6-P

Add-ons for S6-P package:
– Pins #EL 7″ for E16
– Electrode E14-m
Cables to monitor drying-out after water damage or to monitor remote inaccessible areas. 

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Package Includes

mini-Ligno S/DC

mini-Ligno S/DC
The S/DC comes with green cap, strap, 9V battery, 2 sets of pins for 3/16″ and 7/16″ measuring depth, manual, laminated species card in a pouch with belt loop.

The S/DC has 6 correction settings built-in.
— 2 for softwood, hardwood and panel products
— 3 for wall board, water resistant, interior and exterior
— 1 reference scale

Electrode E16

Electrode E16
Used in construction, restoration, building surveillance and the hardwood flooring industry. Tapping on top of probes will drive pins into the building material. Pre-drilling holes may be required for concrete, brick, etc.

Incl. 1 pair EC pins (uncoated).

mini-E16 Cable

mini-E16 Cable connects Electrode E16 (split cable 4mm ends) to
mini-Ligno S/DC
standard length 3ft, optional 6ft


Pouch comes with a strap.
Fits mini-Ligno S/DC and Electrode E14 and E16.
Too small for Electrode E12.