Thermo-Hygrometer TH

“Air humidity” affects wood, building materials and even the health and comfort of people. As RH goes up, wood absorbs moisture and expands. As RH goes down, wood loses moisture and shrinks. If RH is consistently too high, mold may develop.

We recommend the Thermo-Hygrometer TH for homes, offices and wood shops.  The meter shows, relative humidity, temperature, time and min/max values. The range of 20-95% is wide enough for tempered climates and to check for healthy and comfortable living conditions at about 70°F (20°C) and 35-50% relative humidity.

In arid climates and during cold winters the air humidity can drop below 20%. For those applications, we offer the Thermo-Hygrometer PN.

See EMC-Chart for relative humidity values and the corresponding stable moisture contents.

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Product Description


Thermo-hygrometer TH measures relative humidity and ambient temperatures in moderate climates. The instrument comes with a stand and is perfectly set on your desk or workbench to show the present temperature and humidity in a room or work place. Used often as an independent tool to check on your air conditioner or dehumidification unit.

Moisture sensitive materials are affected by humidity. This includes everything made out of wood: floors, furniture, musical instruments, as well as most building materials. The ideal tool to add to a moisture meter,  For the relationship between wood moisture and humidity check the EMC chart.

Relative humidity is also a crucial factor in the restoration industry, where high humidity has to be detected and avoided to prevent mold growth.

Accuracy is one of the deciding factors when purchasing a thermo-hygrometer.
We offer 3 types of hygrometers, they differ in humidity range and accuracy, :

TN Hygrometer:  20% to 95%,  + 5%,  14°F-122°F , + 2°F

PN Hygrometer:5% to 95%,  + 5%,  -4°F-122°F , + 2°F

Lignomat RH meters:
RH: range 0.5-99.9%, + 2% for 10-90%, above and below + 3%  
Temp: range 5°F-160°F , + 0.5°F (for 32°F to 120°F), above and below + 1°F 

Ligno-Tec RH:  RH only
Ligno-DuoTec BW: RH plus pinless mode
Ligno-VersaTec: ….RH plus pin and pinless mode

RH BluePeg probe advantages besides accuracy:

Add one or more depth-adapters to the RH BluePeg probe and reach into hard-to-reach places such as inside heating ducts, crevices and through small openings. Depth adapters can extend probe 5″ or more above the top of meter.

Add RH cable and you can place the RH BluePeg probe into remote areas. The probe is then not affected by warmth from the hand holding the meter. 

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Relative Humidity 20-95%
Temperature 14°F to 122°F and -10°C to 50°C
RH Accuracy ±5%
Warranty TH Hygrometer has a 1 year warranty, battery is excluded.