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Measuring moisture content of veneer sheets allows accurate moisture grading and avoids veneers with incorrect moisture content enter the next process phases. Lignomat veneer moisture meter helps you improve quality of final products and cut costs from damages, defects and reworks due to moisture problems.

xxWood interacts with its ambient environment for moisture changes. High relative humidity(RH) can cause excess moisture in wood products.
Thermo-hygrometer has great quality control potentials to monitor the environmental conditions of the storage areas in lumber and woodworking industries.
It is also a most effective tool for flooring installations, building inspections and restoration jobs.
By measuring RH and temperature dynamics in warehouses and jobsites, thermo-hygrometer helps prevent moisture problems in various scenarios. Lignomat provides a wide selection of thermo-hygrometers tailored to the needs of your specific application or general contracting projects.
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It can be tricky to measure the moisture content of bamboo products. It is mainly due to the fact that the density of bamboo fibers is influenced by various factors, such as portion of the bamboo, growing region, harvest age, grain directions and manufacturing process. Lignomat has done extensive research to establish the correct settings for different types of bamboo products. Lignomat bamboo moisture meter is great for bamboo product manufacturers and installers to enhance quality control. 
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Moisture is important for cardboard to maintain structural integrity. Excess moisture can lead to weakened physical structure and adhesive bonding. Lignomat offers paper moisture meter for measuring the moisture content of paper and paper products such as cardboard, paperboard, corrugated boxes, kraft paper, wrapping paper, and more. 


Too much moisture in concrete slabs can cause problems for floor coverings and epoxy coatings. Testing the moisture in the concrete slab before installation is a first essential step in avoiding problems. Lignomat offers pin meters, pinless meters and the in-situ RH concrete test (drilling a hole is required for RH test).  
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As described in the ASTM F2170 standard test method, the concrete relative humidity (RH) test with in-situ probes is the new industry standard. In-situ probes directly measure the actual moisture conditions inside concrete slabs. Concrete slabs are an integral part of a building. Excess moisture in a slab will over time be released and can affect the entire building including in particular floor coverings. Lignomat concrete moisture meters can help to determine, whether or not floor coverings, sealers or epoxies can be applied without future problems. 
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Moisture meters are needed to determine, if the moisture content in drywall is higher than acceptable, healthy levels. High moisture content of drywall can cause health issues because of mold and bacterial growth and affect the structural integrity.  
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Lignomat offers moisture meters specifically designed to investigate moisture problems in Stucco and EIFS, roofing and walls. 7″ long pins are available for hand probe E14  and long cables can be added when monitoring is required.
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Lignomat moisture meter is the ideal quality control tool for leather industry. Using Lignomat leather moisture meter will help you minimize raw material waste and maintain the moisture that you need in leather. 
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Any Lignomat meter can be used to evaluate moisture conditions in solid materials as long as the moisture of the material is within the measuring range of the meter.
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Maintaining the correct moisture content is crucial in paper production, as it affects the quality of the final product. Paper readily absorbs moisture from its surroundings. Improper moisture content can cause damages to paper and increase production cost. Lignomat paper moisture meter is an essential tool for paper manufacturers, printers, publishers and packing industry. Using Lignomat paper moisture meter to closely monitor moisture in paper production can help ensure the correct moisture content of paper before printing or processing.
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Moisture Meters detect levels of moisture in wood, sheetrock, concrete, carpets and more. They help prevent mold growth by locating water infiltration, leaking roofs, wet rot and hidden condensation. The right tool for restoration specialists and the maintenance crews. 
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