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Select a thermo-hygrometer for measuring accuracy and humidity range.

Thermo-Hygrometers: Lignomat sells 1 off-the-shelf thermo-hygrometer: The  PN  and 3 Lignomat thermo-hygrometers with or without pin and pinless functions.

Data Logger BL2 records RH, Temp, DPT, GPP continuously for days, months and years. Data loggers better represent the overall moisture conditions in a building. Handheld thermo-hygrometer may have just caught a swift breeze. 

Data Logger MC/RH Tracker measures and records relative humidity and moisture in wood, drywall, engineered panels and other solid hygroscopic materials. Data from the MC Tracker show, how moisture and the surrounding relative humidity affect each other.

  • Relative humidity is a crucial factor in the prevention of moisture defects, whether manufacturing or storing wood products, installing cabinets or wood floors, air or kiln drying lumber.
  • Relative humidity is equally important for healthy living conditions or the danger for mold growth in the building and restoration industry.
  • The relationship between moisture content and humidity is given in the EMC-Chart.


• Data Loggers
• Wireless Monitoring System

Why Lignomat?




We offer the Thermo-Hygrometers PN for below 75.00$. The hygrometer displays relative humidity  and temperature values continuously and has a memory built-in for highest and lowest relative humidity values.

Ideal for in home, in shop and at work usage. Can be used with desk stand or wall mount. PN hygrometer has pen shape to fit into tight places.

Accuracy for RH: +/-5%


ligno Tec RH thermo-hygrometer moisture meterFor increased accuracy and a faster response time, select one of Lignomat’s RH meters:

If you already have one of the meters listed above, you can order the Thermo-Hygro Probe to use the meter as a Thermo-Hygrometer. 

Accuracy for RH: +/-2%


Data Loggers
tracking and logging moisture

BL2 Data logger measures and records RH / Temp / DPT / GPP / EMC and has an audible and LED alarm built-in. Data logger uses precision, fast responding RH BluePeg probe from Lignomat. RH probe is removable and can be used with up to 50 ft of extension cable.

MC Tracker measures ambient conditions of RH/Temp plus moisture content in wood and other hygroscopic materials. Audible and LED alarms help to warn, when conditions start to be outside the pre-set range.


Wireless Monitoring System

wireless monitoring system for woodhas been in use for many years producing reliable and accurate measurements for moisture content and EMC for relative humidity and wet-bulb measurements.

The system is easily adaptable to different applications from recording the drying history in lumber dry kilns to monitoring historic buildings. The system has proven reliable in extreme conditions of high humidity and temperatures up to 185oF.

Measurements are continuously downloaded to a laptop or PC on-site. Remote access is possible for remote log-in. For remote access no fees are occurring, all Internet based transmission.



Why Lignomat?

The value of any measuring and data logging system depends on the stability of the measuring circuitry and the ability to adjust for the materials to be measured.

Outstanding measuring technology and experience in manufacturing top-quality moisture meters are the cornerstone for Lignomat’s wireless system and the BL2 data logger.

We provide outstanding customer-oriented service in helping you to select the right equipment for your application and once you own a Lignomat moisture meter or data logger, you can still count on our expert advice. 

We manufacture quality moisture measuring devices. Our good reputation is the best testimony. If you have any questions call 800-227-2105 or send an Email to

Lignomat USA Ltd, 14345 NE Morris Ct., Portland OR 97230, USA