Pin Moisture Meters for Drywall

All Lignomat pin moisture meters for drywall are set up to measure the moisture in wood, drywall, exterior and interior wall panels. In addition, reference scales are preprogrammed to measure concrete and other building materials. Lignomat offers six pin moisture meters for measuring drywall:

mini-Lignos SD and S/DC
mini-Lignos DX and DX/C
Lignometer K and Ligno-VersaTec

Adding the Electrode E14 attachment, allows for in-depth investigations. For measuring flat surfaces, roofs, walls and ceilings easily, plus reaching into corners, ceilings, around pipes, under baseboards, where water tends to accumulate and stays hidden even if other areas have already dried out. Pins up to 7″ deep are available for E14.

Call Customer Service to answer questions about which meter is best for you. 800-227-2105.