Pin Meters with Electrodes E12 and E14


We offer 5 different moisture meters to be used with electrode attachments or extension cables:
– mini-Lignos MD/C and S/DC and DX/C,
– Lignometer K and Ligno-VersaTec (pin-pinless-RH).

The Electrode E12 measures moisture levels accurately at a defined depth up to 2″ deep for wood and wood products. The moisture profile within the material becomes obvious, when consecutive measurements are taken as the pins are driven towards the core.

The Electrode E14 is designed for ease of operation, specifically for hard-to-reach corners, under baseboards, around window sills, etc. Pins up to 7″. The electrode handle can be extended for measuring ceilings without ladders or carpets without crouching.
Built strong enough to hammer into hard materials such as hard wood, strand bamboo floors, composite panels, and even concrete and other hard building materials.