Memo-Chip BL2 Data Logger Kit


When humidity matters: Each BL2 data-logger comes with the high-precision RH BluePeg probe to measure relative humidity and temperature. The detachable RH probe allows for in-wall, in-depth monitoring. LED lights and audible alarms can be set to indicate out-of-range values. Selectable time-interval 30 seconds to 24 hours.

Install a BL2 to keep track continuously, the BL2 can save up to 32000 data set. After data is downloaded, PC shows graph and log with time stamp and date for:

  • Relative humidity and ambient temperature
  • DPT (dew point temperature)
  • GPP (grains per pound)
  • EMC (equilibrium moisture content for wood)


The RH/T data logger provides more information than single readings from a thermo-hygrometer.  A continuous record of relative humidity and temperature for days, months, years can be obtained. The RH BluePeg probe from Lignomat is accurate and fast responding.

Item Number: BL2-D

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Product Description

Memo-Chip BL2 Package

The BL2 data logger records relative humidity, ambient temperature, DPT, GPP, EMC measurements using the precision RH Thermo-Hygro probe with long-term stability. The detachable RH Probe allows for in-wall, in-depth, remote monitoring. 

The package consists of:

Memo-Chip BL2 module
– RH Thermo-Hygro Probe
6ft RH Cable with 3.5mm stereo plugs

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The Memo-Chip BL2 with RH Thermo-Hygro probe records:

  •  Relative humidity, RH
  • Ambient temperature, T  
  • Dew Point Temperature, DPT
  • Grains Per Pound, GPP
  • Equilibrium Moisture Content, EMC

A free application can be downloaded from the Internet to set up the BL2 for monitoring at desired time intervals between 30 seconds and 24 hours, saving a total of 32,000 data sets. Out of range values for humidity and temperature can be preset. 

Saved values can be reviewed at any time by connecting the Memo-Chip BL2 to a PC with a USB cable. The data can be reviewed as a graph, as a log with date and time stamp or as an Excel spread sheet. 

The Memo-Chip BL2 does not have an internal relative humidity probe built-in. Any RH probe from Lignomat can be connected with the RH adapter or the RH cable. If you already have a RH probe with RH adapter for a handheld meter from Lignomat, the same RH Probe with RH adapter can be plugged into the BL2 Memo-Chip to record measurements.

The external RH probe with the RH cable allows measuring in-wall, in-depth, remote and hard-to-reach areas. The RH probe with RH cable can be left in place while the BL2 is disconnected in order to review data on the PC. After reconnecting the BL2 to the RH cable and RH probe, recording will occur automatically. New measurements can be added to the same log or a new log can be started. Example: measuring moisture conditions inside a wall, while insulation is being dried out.

The Memo-Chip BL2 has two connectors built-in and 4 multi-colored LED indicator lights.

On one end is a 3.5mm stereo jack for a RH adapter or RH cable to connect:
RH BluePeg probe
MC/RH Tracker (3 x moisture content, 1 x RH)

On the other end is a USB cable connector to download measurements to a PC. While the BL2 is recording the USB cable does not need to be connected to the BL2, as its purpose is only to transfer the data stored on the BL2 to your PC after readings are complete.

The multi-colored LED lights indicate when measurements are above or below the preset range. The lights also indicate the function the BL2 is performing. For instance, a blue light indicates the RH Probe is connected and now starts recording. A red light indicates out of range values.

Audible alarm: When the test series is set up with out of range limits, you have a choice whether or not to sound an audible alarm when out of range measurements occur.

The RH Thermo-Hygro probe  (standard RH BluePeg probe with RH adapter) is added to measure ambient conditions of humidity and temperature. The RH BluePeg probe comes with a precision, reliable, fast-responding RH/T sensing element. Adding the RH cable allows for in-wall, in-depth monitoring. We custom make RH cables (stereo cables) for any length up to 75 ft, standard cable length is 6 ft. 

RH Probe: Diameter 0.5″, length 1.4″  (13mm x 36mm)
RH: ±2% (10-90%), ±3% below 10%, above 90%
T: ±0.5°F (32-120°F) , ±1°F (5-32°F and 120-160°F) Response time 8 sec.
Resolution for RH and T: 0.1% and 0.1°
Dew Point temperature, grains per pound and EMC

Note: Off-the-shelf thermo-hygrometers and data loggers usually come with an accuracy rating of  ±5% for relative humidity and  ±2°F for temperature.

Memo-Chip BL2
– Interval 30 sec to 24 hrs
– 32,000 data sets
– Out of range LED and audible alarms
– Time stamp and date for each measurement

Lithium Battery, exchangeable, rated for 8 years
Size: 1″x1.25″x4″  (2.5cm x 3cm x 10cm)
Built-in connectors for USB and RH cable or RH adapter

Specifically for Contractors and Restoration Specialists:
For job-site surveillance and long term monitoring alarms can be set to alert when unwanted conditions occur. Extension cables (standard stereo cable and 3.5mm connector) allow mounting the RH probe where it can best measure and the BL2 where it can be reached easily.

Specifically for Wood: For customers concerned about wood moisture we added EMC values plus an EMC alarm. The alarm will sound when the humidity gets lower or higher than the preset alarm value.


 Add the MC Tracker and pins or screws and LP-mini cables, if you want to monitor moisture content in wood or other solid materials in addition to measuring relative humidity and temperature,

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Package Includes

Memo-Chip BL2

BL2 module comes with hardware to mount BL2 and RH probe, plus USB cable.

To record:

RH BluePeg Probe

RH Thermo-Hygro Probe consists of one RH BluePeg Probe and the RH Adapter ready to be connected to the RH meter or data logger using the easy-connect 3.5mm stereo plug.

RH adapter can be replaced by RH-C cable (6 ft) for remote measurements

RH Cable

Cable is used to connect RH BluePeg probe to BL2 Memo-Chip

Standard length 6 ft, upon request longer.