Monitors for Buildings

Using cables allows monitoring moisture behind wall covers, in attics or crawl spaces or within the roof structure even down into concrete floors, otherwise hard to reach areas.

The meters listed below are set-up to measure building materials. Pins can be from shallow 1/4″ up to 7″ for deep probing. First decide which moisture meter or data logger to choose. Next decide on the pins, screws or probes to reach the spot to be monitored. Last, select the cables to fit probes and meter.

Ligno-VersaTec is the most versatile meter for contractors and inspectors with pin−pinless−RH mode and in-situ concrete test. Use the Data Logger MC/RH Tracker to record measurements. 

Readings are obtained by plugging the cables directly into a meter. Adapter H is needed for Lignometer K and Ligno-VersaTec to connect split cable ends. For measurements without cables, add electrode E14-m or E14-V.