Lignomat Kiln Control Division

Lignomat Kiln Control Division


Quality products with lifetime customer support.

We work directly with all dry kiln manufacturers and interface with nearly every type of dry kiln new and existing. Our livelihood is your kiln control system, our support, flexibility and adaptation is second to none.

Lignomat’s prices are extremely competitive because we are not burdened with the overhead it takes to manufacture the actual dry kiln structures.

Call today for more information or a quote to compare prices. We do our best to earn your business. Toll Free: 800-227-2105 Controls Facility 503-257-3708 Kiln Control Systems are not just a fraction of our business, we are 100% controls.
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Kiln Control Systems

Predryer Control System

Master Control MP-32

Universal Wireless Monitoring System

First-Rate Customer Service

We work with all kiln manufacturers. Decrease degrade and increase uniformity Latest & greatest from the control engineers From vacuum kilns to concrete slabs Large & small, every customer counts
  • Package kilns
  • Track kiln
  • Single zone
  • Multi zone
  • Conventional dry kilns
  • Dehumidification dry Kilns
  • Solar dry kilns
  • Free sensor movement
  • Visual diagnostic tools
  • 2-8 sensors per zone
  • User friendly interface
  • Custom design layout
  • Sensor average selection
  • Fast & free remote control
  • Smart network platform
  • Stand alone option
  • Triple layer diagnostics
  • Automatic text alerts
  • Multi-layer security
  • Parameter control
  • Not PC dependent
  • Not network dependent
  • Remote data backup
  • Real time data
  • Excel friendly
  • Full gamut of sensors
  • Heat treatment Docs.
  • Easy setup/operation
  • Installation drawings
  • 1 year full warranty
  • Progressive warranty
  • Lifetime support
  • Focus on controls
  • Exchange program
  • Service contract option
  • Custom software
  • Analytical troubleshooting
  • Phone, field & remote support
40 years focused on the kiln control systems. From engineer to receptionist, we are Lumber Dry Kiln Control. Ideal way to store your lumber before the kiln drying process. Predryer and kiln hardware/software uniformity. A prime example of technology working in your favor. Connection and ability integrated with customer inspired options and control interface. Inspired by kiln control systems. Applied to the world around us. Lignomat’s future is bound to your success. Customer support paired with quality and flexibility is our key.








Industrial Controls & Monitoring Systems for Dry Kiln Controls with Wireless Probes

The most complete line of kiln control systems and monitoring systems for the lumber, flooring and furniture industry. Lignomat USA Ltd. is the first company to offer kiln control systems with the following features:

  • Wireless Communication of MC and EMC measurement inside a kiln
  • Completely digital data transfer of Wood Moisture Content, Temperature and EMC from Measuring Points inside the kiln to the Computer System
  • Internet Compatibility between Client and Server Software Modules

These technological advancements are only available from Lignomat. Lignomat’s Kiln control systems offer more accurate readings of MC and EMC especially in the low range. The increased accuracy is enhanced by the completely digital data transfer between data acquisition modules, process control modules and operator interface. Interferrence due to electrical noise are virtually eliminated. Operating stability is increased. Wireless Systems requires only one four-conductor cable to run from the kiln directly to the kiln setpoint controller (KCM/KCU) typically installed in the kiln control room and further to the user interface on Host PC. Installation and maintenance are very easy. The new technology offers a maximum in cost efficiency, operational stability and ease of operation. Measuring the temperature in the core of the wood for heat treating applications has also become available. Wireless measuring systems offer new possibilities for predrier controls. All sensors for wood moisture, EMC and temperature are wireless and communicate with several receivers located inside the predrier. Long sensor cables inside the predrier are eliminated, making installation, operation and maintenance a lot easier. The system offers complete freedom in placement of sensors without having to install or move any cables – a great advantage. The same advantages apply to Lignomat’s wireless monitor using wireless probes. Long cable runs are eliminated. Transmitters are placed in bundles and communicate with several receivers. They, in turn, communicate with the Host PC, for data logging and display.

Fully Automatic Full Feature Dry-Kiln Controller – Lignomat LMS-16G

  1. Wireless In-kiln Moisture Probes – Require very minimum in-kiln wiring
  2. Multi-zone Temperature Control Regulation
  3. Up to 16 Wood Moisture Probes (MC) per kiln – Six probes is standard
  4. Steam Pressure & Energy Optimization
  5. EMC or Wet-bulb sensors
  6. Heat Treating
  7. Sample Boards Scale – In-kiln or External option
  8. High Temperature kiln operations available as wirebound setup

Fully Automatic Dry-Kiln Controller – Lignomat LMS-XG

  1. Lower overall cost with the same per-kiln hardware as LMS-16G
  2. No master controller MP16 required – now integrated into PC software
  3. Single Heat-zone Temperature regulation only
  4. Up to 8 Wood Moisture Probes per kiln
  5. Schedule Mode or simple Set-point Mode operation