Screws, Washers, Stand-offs

Stainless steel wood screws are used for the monitoring of problem areas in floor planks, panels, engineered products, sheet rock and other wall boards. For monitoring moisture at 1/2″ or deeper as an alternative you can use PK wood probes or EG and EL pins. PK probes are mostly used for monitoring moisture in a lumber dry kiln or wood products.

We offer 3 sets for screws for different measuring depths:

1 pair of SS screws 3/8″ with washers
1 pair of SS screws 5/8″ with stand-offs 
1 pair of SS screws 7/8″ with stand offs  

For measuring deeper, we recommend using EG pins and EL pins (shortened to any length required) with Loop-Nuts.

Item Number: SSW

Starting at $0.95

Product Description

Screws can be used for any measuring depth. They will measure the wettest area, the screws are embedded in, this could be the surface or the core. If the product is evenly dried, the screw will give the overall moisture content.

Whether or not screws, pins of wood probes are used, depends on the material to be measured and the measuring depth. We offer a wide selection of  Probes-Pins-Screws-for-monitoring. Note, that the teflon-coated EL pins can be custom-cut to any length between 7″ and 1/2″.

The connection to the meter or data logger or wireless probes is made by one of the loop cables. The choice of loop cable depends on the device which is used to measure:

For Lignometer K and Ligno-VersaTec select LP-H cables.

For mini-Ligno MD-C, S/DC, DX/C select LP-mini cables.
For MC Tracker Data logger select LP-mini cables.

For wireless probes select LP-Hf cables.

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