Pins EG and EL

EG and EL pins can be used to measure moisture with electrodes E14, E16 and E10. EG and EL pins can be also used to monitor moisture without electrodes by connecting cables and pins directly to a moisture meter or data logger.

Both pins are teflon-coated to pick up moisture only from the tips.

The EG pins are sturdy enough to be hammered into soft and hard materials, wood, bamboo even concrete. The long EL pins are used to measure through walls and insulation, under base boards, within roof structures, etc.. Pre-tapping holes maybe necessary when hard materials are measured. EL pins can be shortened to any length required between 7″ and 1/2″ to allow for measuring or monitoring moisture at different depth levels.

EG pins: measuring depth 3/4″
EL pins: measuring depth 7 1/16″

Prices are for 1 pair of pins (2 pieces).

Item Number: EG, EL

Starting at $5.50

Product Description

EG pins: measuring depth 3/4″ (1.9cm) total length 1 1/16″ (2.7cm)
EL pins: measuring depth 7 1/16″ (18cm) total length 7 7/16″ (18.8cm)

The shanks of EG and EL pins are teflon-coated to measure only at the tip. This feature is important when measuring dry materials behind wet surfaces. Moisture on a wet surface is never picked up, even if the pins are pushed all the way into the material.

Measuring: EG and EL pins are used for spot checking with handheld meters with electrodes E14-V, E14-m, E16 and E10. 

EG and EL pins have screws at the top, which fit E14, E16 and E10 (E12: DA, DB, DZ have a cylindrical shaft at the top)

The E14 electrode with EG pins can be used for soft materials such as drywall and hard materials such as hard wood, strand bamboo, panel products, exterior and interior wall boards, even concrete and other cementitious materials.

The long EL pins are used in the building, roofing and restoration industry, where moisture accumulations can occur behind walls and insulation. Floor inspectors and contractors may want to use EL pins to measure under baseboards, below floor structures, places from which moisture can migrate into a wood floor. EL pins with electrode E16 can be used to evaluate moisture distribution in a concrete slab with pre-drilling up to 7″ deep.

Monitoring:  EG and EL pins can also be used with loop cables for monitoring with handheld meters, data loggers and wireless transmitters. Pins can be installed from 1/2″ to 7″ deep. The connection to the meters is made by cables with loops. The loops fit over the screws at the end of the pins and are attached with the loop nuts (order separate from cable and pins). We have 3 types of loop cables, all have the same loops on one end:

  • LP-mini cables have 2mm plugs to connect to mini-Ligno MD/C, S/DC, DX/C and the MC Tracker data logger.
  • LP-H cables have 4mm plugs to connect to Ligno-VersaTec and Lignometer K via adapter H.
  • LP-Hf cables have 4mm jacks to connect to wireless transmitters.

Monitoring allows measuring the same spot over time and acquiring a history of moisture changes. Useful to monitor drying after water damage or in leak surveillance.  Other applications are in the lumber industry, where beams or logs are monitored for moisture changes. The advantage of using EL pins is, that the measuring depth can be adapted to the individual job up to 7″ deep allowing measurements at different depth levels. For measuring depths between 1/2″ and 2 3/4″, PK probes are an option when monitoring lumber.

Summary: Probes, Pins, Screws for monitoring

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