Electrode E14-m

The Electrode E14-m is used with mini-Ligno DX/C, S/DC and MD/C when the integral pins at the meter cannot reach deep enough to track moisture in walls, ceilings, floors, roofs, crawl spaces. Used by contractors, floor installers, inspectors, restoration and maintenance crews.

The slim shape allows for measuring in corners, under baseboards, around window sills, behind wall cavities. Pins are available to measure up to 7″ deep.

The electrode handle can be extended for easily measuring ceilings without ladders or carpets without crouching.

Measuring hard materials: E14-m and EG pins are built strong enough to be hammered into hard materials such as hard wood, composite panels, strand bamboo and even concrete, when it is too hard to push the mini-Ligno pins into the material.

Pins for Electrode E14-m:
teflon-coated EG and EL pins
un-coated EA, EC, EV pins

Electrode E14-m comes with 1 pair teflon-coated EG pins 3/4″ and cable
to connect to mini-Ligno MD/C, S/DC, DX/C.

Select Electrode E14-V to use Ligno-VersaTec and Lignometer K.

Item Number: E14-m


Product Description

The electrode E14-m is a multi-purpose electrode designed for woodworking and flooring, restoration, construction. Used for home and building maintenance by inspectors, clean-up crews, carpet cleaners, apartment managers and home owners to track moisture problems in the building envelope.

  • The ergonomically designed Electrode E14 fits perfectly into your hand and gives you a comfortable grip when measuring. The pins can be pushed into material by hand, or hammered into the material by using a hammer. Even if the material is hard and tough to penetrate, the E14 with EG pins is made strong enough to withstand hard pounding. Can be used for measuring hard wood, exterior and interior wall boards, panel products, cementitious panels even concrete.
  • The slim shape allows for measuring in places where round electrodes or built-in pins from moisture meters cannot reach. With the E14 you can truly track moisture wherever it hides, in corners, below window sills, around pipes. If the EG pins with 3/4″ measuring depth are not long enough, add 7″ long EL pins to reach through insulation, under baseboards into structural components. Great for EIFS inspections.
  • The knob at the end of the handle can be removed and replaced by a paint brush handle or broom stick. Using the paint brush handle allows to extend the reach. You can stay a distance from mold infested areas and still be able to get reliable measurements. Extending the handle with a broom stick makes measuring carpets and carpet padding easy without crouching down. Ceilings can be checked for moisture leakage without a ladder.
  • Insulated pins EG and EL:  The shanks of the pins are teflon-coated to measure only at the tip, which allows pin-pointing moisture measurements to a defined depth. Using teflon-coated pins is also important when measuring dry materials behind wet surfaces. Moisture on a wet surface is never picked up, even if the pins are pushed all the way into the material, because the pins are teflon-coated up to the base of the electrode.
  • Measuring depth: EG pins are 3/4″ long. EL pins are 7″ long. If a measuring depth in between 3/4′ and 7″ is required, we custom-cut the EL pins to any length required from 7″ to 1/2″.

The E14 has 2 threaded inserts to fit EG and EL pins (teflon-coated) and  EC, EA and EV pins (un-insulated).
The DZ, DA and DB pins for the Electrode E12 cannot be used in the Electrode E14. They have a cylindrical shaft and no threads at the end.

The electrode E14-m comes with a cable (with split ends and 2mm plugs) to fit:

Weight 5 oz. Length without pins 7″.
Comes with 1 pair of teflon-coated EG pins 3/4″

If you want to use the Ligno-VersaTec or the Lignometer K. choose the Electrode E14-V. The E14-V comes with a cable with BNC connector.

For more information please contact Customer Service at 1-800-227-2105.

Lignomat USA Ltd, 14345 NE Morris Ct., Portland OR 97230, USA,
Email: sales@Lignomat.com, www.Lignomat.com


Inspector electrode E14-m:
Weight 5oz (140g). Length without pins 7″ (18cm).
The E14-m comes with a cable (with split ends and 2mm plugs) to connect:
mini-Ligno DX/C
mini-Ligno S/DC
mini-Ligno MD/C
The electrode E14-m comes with 1 pair EG pins
3/4″ measuring depth, teflon-coated.
Teflon-coated pins for electrode E14-V:
– EG Pins, measuring depth 3/4″
– EL Pins, measuring depth 7″
can be shortened  between 7″ and 1/2″
Comes with a strap and zipper. Fits meter and electrode E14.
Not big enough for electrode E12
Case S
The black hard-shell case comes with a handle and a foam insert for protection. Designed to fit any mini-Ligno, Lignometer K and Ligno-VersaTec with Electrode E14.
Not big enough for electrode E12
External calibration check block #TP is available to verify the calibration and functions of the meter, cable and electrode.
Warranty Accessories such as the electrode E14 have a 1 year warranty. Pins are excluded.

For more information please contact Customer Service at 1-800-227-2105.

Lignomat USA Ltd, 14345 NE Morris Ct., Portland OR 97230, USA,
Email: sales@Lignomat.com, www.Lignomat.com