Loop Nuts

The loop nuts are used to secure the loop cables to the pins EL, EG, EA, EC, EV for monitoring moisture with a hand meter or the MC Tracker data logger.

The metal loop nuts have a thread inside which fits the pins. The black knob covers the loop nut.

2 Loop nuts and 2 caps come together as a set. They need to be ordered separately, they are not included with the EG or EL pins or the loop cables.

Sold in sets of one, three and five.

Item Number: LP-N

Starting at $1.95

Product Description

Loop nuts are used to secure a tight connection between the  loop cables and the pins (EA-EL) for monitoring.

They have a knurled grip on the outside and a thread inside. They are screwed onto the pins EG, EL, EA, EC, EV (pins for E14 and E10) Once the loop nuts are tightened down, they  hold the loops of the cable in place and make sure there is a stable electrical connection between the pins and the cable. 

Each loop nut comes with a rubber cap.
Dimensions: diameter 1/4″ (6mm), heights 5/16″ (8mm).

Loop nuts are used with all loop cables from Lignomat and EA-EL pins:

If stainless steel screws are used for monitoring, loop nuts are not necessary. Pins for Electrode E12 have a round end piece, they cannot be used for monitoring with loop cables. 

Loop nuts are not supplied with loop cables or the pins, they need to be ordered separately. Order as # LP-N

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