Package V4-10S


For anyone who wants to keep close tabs on moisture conditions during water damage repairs and building maintenance. Hand probe allows spot-checking. Cables / pins and RH probe with RH cable allow monitoring moisture and humidity in hard to reach areas during and after repairs. For short-term and long-term monitoring.


Pin – pinless – RH: When every job is different, the Ligno-VersaTec is the most versatile meter, all-in-one. It measures moisture in a wide range of materials and in relative humidity of air (with RH BluePeg probe). Offers fast scanning across surfaces and accurate measurements with the pin electrode E14-V up to 7″ deep.

Once cables/pins are installed, taking measurements at different times in the same location clearly shows if drying is progressing as expected or if a new problem is occurring. Add EL pins to reach up to 7″ deep.

Another option: Adding the Slide-hammer electrode E12 for measuring structural lumber and wood floors with insulated pins up to 2″ deep.

Item Number: V4-10S

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Product Description

Package V4-10S

The cable/pin system allows monitoring for moisture changes during drying-out after water damage and for long-term leak surveillance. At any time, the meter can be used in pin and pinless mode to measure wood and other hygroscopic materials. 

The package V4-10S consists of:

The Ligno-VersaTec is the most advanced meter among Lignomat’s moisture meters for pin-pinless-RH measurements. Features are the wide moisture range and more than 170 correction settings for measuring domestic and tropical wood species, OSB and other panel products, bamboo, gypsum and different types of wall boards. Relative scales are included for concrete, cementitious materials, plastics, insulation…

The meter by itself provides for dual-depth pinless measurements. Connectors for pin electrodes and RH cables or RH adapter are installed in the top of the meter. 
– BNC connector for electrode cables and in-kiln, remote cables with Adapter H
– 3.5mm stereo jack to connect RH cable or RH adapter.
Two measuring plates for pinless dual-depth mode are mounted on the back of the meter.

Pinless Measurements: The Ligno-VersaTec allows for fast and easy scanning of flat surfaces 1/4″ and 3/4″ deep. Percent values are indicated for all wood species, OSB and other panel products, bamboo and drywall. Relative scales are for all other materials including concrete. Pinless measurements are not possible, if the material is not flat or measurements should reach deeper than 3/4″ or you need to find differences between surface and core moisture. Those tasks can be accomplished with the E14-V electrode.

Easiest monitoring of moisture problem areas

Leaky roofs, wet crawl spaces, faulty installed windows, broken pipes, a cracked waterline behind a refrigerator can be a cause for moisture problems. Unnoticed moisture infiltration can have severe consequences, floors are ruined, dry rot develops and structural components disintegrate. Monitoring can also be used to track the drying-out process after water damage has occurred.

System works well for short and long-term monitoring in buildings. Using extension cables has the advantage, that areas can be monitored, which are totally inaccessible after the walls are closed up. Measurements are obtained quickly by connecting the open cable end to the meter.

Monitoring: Measurements taken periodically from the same spot at the same depth will produce a series of truly comparable moisture percentages. The values show, if the drying-out process is proceeding as expected or if a new problem is occurring.

Pins (screws) are installed in the trouble spot and connected to a LP-mini cable. When using screws the meter indicates the highest moisture value in the measured area between the screws. That could be at the surface or at the depth the screws have been set, because un-coated screws measure the wettest spot. Teflon-coated pins only measure at the tip, they will indicate a dry inside even if the surface is wet. Assortment of pins and cables.

Cables should be ordered long enough to keep the open cable-end in an easily accessible area, standard length is 3ft.

Measurements are taken by plugging the open cable-end into the meter. If cables are already installed to monitor the drying-out process, they could be left in place for long-term monitoring.

For data logging moisture and humidity measurements automatically. we offer the 

MC Tracker BL2 data logger 
— wireless recording system
for relative humidity only BL2 data logger

An assortment of pins is available:
– off-the-shelf, stainless steel screws 1/2″
– EG pins, teflon-coated 3/4″
– EL pins, teflon-coated 7″, upon request EL pins can be shortened.
EL and EG pins can be used for monitoring with LP-H cable or in the electrode E14-V.
Hardware to connect screws/pins to LP-mini cables is included

The LP-mini cable connects the meter to all pins listed above. The cables in the V4-10S package have a standard length of 3 ft. Cables can be ordered in sets of 1, 3, 5. Longer cables are available upon request.

Electrode E14-V can be used for measuring moisture on any surface up to 3/4″ deep with insulated pins EG. In addition, the slim shape of the E14 allows checking tight places, around pipes, below window sills, in wall corners, places which cannot be reached easily with other hand probes. If the pins are hammered into the material, consecutive readings show moisture changes within the material at every depth level the pins are driven to. Adding the 7″ long EL pins lets you reach through insulation or under baseboards into structural components. Great for EIFS inspections.

The knob at the end of the handle can be removed and replaced by a paint brush handle or broom stick. Using the paint brush handle allows to extend the reach. You can stay a distance from mold infested areas and still be able to get reliable measurements. Extending the handle with a broom stick makes measuring carpets and carpet padding easy without crouching down. Ceilings can be checked for moisture leakage without a ladder.

Pins measure only at the tip. EG and EL pins are teflon coated up to the electrode handle. Moisture from a wet surface is never picked up, even if the pins are pushed all the way into the material.

Electrode and pins are very sturdy and allow hard pounding to insert pins into hard materials. Works for strand bamboo as well as hard and cementitious panel products. 

Electrode E14-V with BNC cable and 1 pair EG pins are included in the package V4-S.

Available pins for E14:
EG pins teflon coated, measuring depth 3/4″
EL pins teflon coated, measuring depth 7″
EC 5/8″, EA 7/16″, EV 3/16″, un-coated


For more information please contact Customer Service at 1-800-227-2105.

Lignomat USA Ltd, 14345 NE Morris Ct., Portland OR 97230, USA,

Package Includes


Pin – Pinless – RH:  Meter comes with a BNC connector for external electrodes and monitoring cables and a connector for Lignomat’s RH BluePeg probe. Manual, laminated species card, battery and a pouch with belt loop are included.

The Ligno-VersaTec has 170 individualized corrections for domestic and tropical wood species, bamboo, gypsum and wall boards (water resistant, interior and exterior glass mat). Relative scales are also included for concrete, cementitious materials, plastics, insulation, etc. Pinless mode comes with dual-depth 1/4″ and 3/4″. Pin mode offers built-in wood temperature corrections.

Electrode E14-V

The slim E14-V is designed to measure hard to reach problem areas fast and easy. Teflon-coated pins measure only at the tip. Handle can be extended. With 3ft long cable to fit Ligno-VersaTec and Lignometer K.

Inc. 1 pair EG pins for 3/4″ measuring depth.

LP-H Cable

Loops are used to connect screws to LP-H cables. LP-H cables are connected to Ligno-VersaTec via Adapter H.

All cables are made with high grade Teflon to assure accurate transmission of measured moisture values. Cable length is 3 ft. Longer cables can be requested.

Stainless Steel Screws

Off-the-shelf stainless steel crews (1/2″) are part off each cable set.
Other SS screws can be used to better fit different thicknesses of materials.

For greater depth insulated pins can be selected EG or EL pins.

Adapter H

Adapter H is needed to connect the LP-H cable directly to the Lignometer K and the Ligno-VersaTec. Adapter H has a BNC connector, which fits the meter and two posts for banana plugs (2mm and 4mm), which fit the LP-H cable.

Case S

The black hard-shell case comes with a handle and a foam insert for protection. Designed to fit meter, electrode and accessories.