RH Cable

The RH cable is used to connect the RH BluePeg probe to any of the RH meters or data loggers for remote measurements. Using the extension cable allows measuring in places the meter cannot reach. The other mode of connecting the meter is using a RH adapter, which places the probe close to the top of the meter. RH cable is a standard 6ft stereo cable with 3.5mm plugs on each end.

The RH cable is used to connect RH probe to:

If a cable is needed to take readings from RH probes during RH in-situ concrete testing, (when the RH probe is in a sleeve), click here to order the RH-CC cable.

Item Number: RH-C


Product Description

The RH cable connects a RH BluePeg probe to a RH meter. Using the cable allows the RH probe to measure in a remote location, which cannot be reached when the RH probe is plugged (with adapter RH)  directly into the top of the meter. Another purpose for using the RH cable is to allow the probe to acclimate away from the meter and the person operating the meter. Then, nobody has to touch the RH probe to plug the open cable end into the meter for measurements.

The RH cables are standard stereo cables with two 3.5mm stereo plugs. The pin configuration is the same as from an off-the-shelf stereo cable. One 3.5mm connector fits into the RH BluePeg probe, the other one goes into the top of the meter.

RH cables come in a standard length of 6ft (1.8m).
Upon request we offer shorter or longer cables.

RH cables are used to connect the RH probe to the meters
— Ligno-VersaTec
— Ligno-DuoTec BW
— Ligno-Tec RH

Memo-Chip BL2 Data-Logger to monitor RH, T, DP, GPP
— MC Tracker to monitor RH, T, DP, GPP and 3 x moisture content 

A RH cable is also used to connect the Memo-Chip BL2 to the Tracker MC/RH modules.

Other RH cables:
RH concrete cable with two 3.5mm stereo connectors and the cable-end-cover to use when performing RH in-situ concrete moisture testing. Click here to order a RH-CC cable.

RH-CB cable with two 3.5mm stereo connectors and one cable-seal-cover with a blue cap for Lignomat’s sleeves. Used for a sealed-off cable connection when monitoring or testing the RH probes with a salt solution.  Click here to order a RH-CB cable.

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