Pinless Moisture Meters

Advantages: Pinless moisture meters are ideal for measuring boards, panels and floor planks as well as scanning for moisture problems in floors, walls and ceilings. Large areas can be scanned quickly and no effort is needed to insert pins into hard wood. No pin holes are left, which is crucial when measuring finished products and wood floors. If measuring low moisture contents is part of the scope of the moisture meter, Lignomat’s pinless moisture meters measure lower moisture contents in hardwood than pin moisture meters.

 Limitations: A flat surface is needed. Pinless moisture meters work on rough sawn or scrapped wood, however round and oddly shaped pieces cannot be measured accurately.

dual-depth pinless moisture metersMeasuring Depth Matters: For accurate measurements, the measuring field has to be within the material to be measured.

Lignomat’s dual-depth pinless moisture meters are the industry standard for pinless moisture meters in the flooring and woodworking industry. Dual depth allows measuring thinner and thicker products, engineered panels and floors.

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pinless moisture meters

Pinless Moisture Meters: Ligno-Scanners

Lignomat’s unique measuring technology for pinless moisture meters assures calibration accuracy, consistency and dual-depth capabilities. Our scanners produce the same accurate moisture values, today, tomorrow and in a year. Lignomat’s pinless moisture meters are all self-calibrating. Every time you turn the moisture meter on the moisture meter calibrates which ensures accuracy. 

Ligno-Scanners are convenient to use. Operation is simple with clearly marked push buttons. Large display shows moisture in percent, wood species, material settings and measuring depth.

Ligno-Scanner S: 1/4” deep, for wood
Ligno-Scanner D: 3/4” deep, for wood
Ligno-Scanner SD: 1/4“and 3/4” deep, for wood
Ligno-Scanner SDM: 1/4“and 3/4” deep, wood, bamboo, building materials, drywall, concrete.

Ligno-DuoTec BW: same features as Ligno-Scanner SDM, but with the option to add RH probe to use as hygrometer and in-situ concrete moisture testing.
Ligno-VersaTec: Same features as Ligno-DuoTec BW, but with option to add pin electrodes and remote cables.


Pinless Moisture Meters with Thermo-Hygrometer Function

DuoTec BW Pinless moisture meters> Ligno-Duotec BW with RH Probe
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The Ligno-DuoTec BW and Ligno-VersaTec moisture meter have a connection for the fast-responding, precision RH BluePeg probe. Adding the RH BluePeg Probe to the moisture meters allows both measuring moisture and relative humidity. 

Relative humidity in air and moisture content in the material are the deciding factors whether a stable condition has been reached or the material will loose or absorb moisture from the surrounding air. (EMC table)

Pinless Moisture Meters for In-situ Concrete Moisture Test

RH BluePeg probe for in-situ testing

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Accessories are available for the pinless moisture meters Ligno-DuoTec BW and Ligno-VersaTec to perform in-situ RH concrete moisture testing incompliance with ASTM standard F2170. Lignomat’s system is reliable and easy to use with removable probes. More info on Lignomat’s RH in-situ probes

The pinless moisture meters BW and VersaTec also comply to ASTM F2659 to obtain qualitative moisture measurements from a concrete slab up to 3/4″ deep. 

Pinless Moisture Meter with Pin Electrodes

Pin electrodes for Lignomat moisture meters

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   > Specialty Electrode E16

A great combination: Using pin and pinless function side by side: In pinless mode, the Ligno-VersaTec easily detects areas of high and low moisture levels. Dual-depth feature allows measuring 1/4″ and 3/4″ deep. Once a problem is detected, a pin electrode can be used for further investigation. 

Electrode E16 with EL pins is used for instant concrete moisture evaluations up to 7″ deep.

Pin/Pinless Moisture Meters for In-Kiln/Wood Monitors

in-Kiln PK probes for Lignomat moisture meters

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Adding cables and PK probes allows to monitor lumber drying in all sizes and types of dry kilns from solar to dehumidification to conventional steam kilns. Works in lumber dry kilns, pre-dryers, air drying facilities and during warehousing of lumber. No need to enter a hot kiln when using Lignomat’s in-kiln monitor systems. 

PK Probes can also be used to monitor moisture in laminated beams, structural components of buildings, in concrete and other hygroscopic materials.

Pin/Pinless Moisture Meters for Monitors with Extension Cables

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Electrode E-14 pins for Lignomat moisture meters

Used for monitoring out of reach areas in the building envelope anywhere, anytime: crawl spaces, floors, ceilings, attics, roofs, etc. 
Moisture meter can be connected anytime to check on drying progress during restoration work or for leak surveillance after repairs are finished.

Used for material testing when measurements are periodically taken from the same spot at the same time at the same measuring depth.

Combo Moisture Meter: Pin-Pinless-RH-In-Situ Concrete

Ligno VersTec and accessories for moisture meter

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Multifunction Ligno-VersaTec combines Lignomat’s accurate pin, pinless and RH measuring technologies and coupled with different attachments allows you to handle the most diverse jobs.

No matter which function you use, the Ligno-VersaTec always gives superior results. Adding the Thermo-Hygro probe allows taking relative humidity and ambient temperature measurements. After selecting the package choose option with Thermo-Hygro probe.


Why Lignomat Moisture Meters:

Accuracy of a moisture meter depends on the stability of the measuring circuitry and the ability to correct for the material to be measured. 

  • Lignomat’s moisture meters have a great track record for keeping their calibration stable for the lifetime of the moisture meter. All our pinless moisture meters have a built-in check and re-calibration feature to keep the calibration unchanged. Whether the moisture meter is old or new, hot or cold, the calibration will stay for the lifetime of the moisture meter. The best examples are the original mini-Lignos, which were sold 40 years ago and to this day kept their calibration. If proof of calibration is required for a job, we supply an external calibration check block.

  • We continuously add correction factors to our moisture meters to allow accurate measurements for different wood species and newly introduced materials to give our customers up-to-date moisture meters. In the past years we have added corrections for bamboo, OSB, Advantech and other flooring products.
  • We provide professional customer service in helping you to select the right moisture meter for your application and once you own a Lignomat meter, you can still count on our expert advice. 

If proof of calibration is required for a job, we supply external calibration check blocks for pin moisture meters.

We manufacture quality moisture meters. Our good reputation is the best testimony. Select the pinless moisture meter you need and if you have a question call 800-227-2105 or send an Email to 

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