Pin Meters with Connector for Electrodes and Cables

Five pin meters are available with a connection for electrodes (hand probes) and extension cables for PK probes, EG and EL pins or screws. Lignometer K and Ligno-VersaTec provide the widest measuring range, most corrections for wood species and materials, temperature corrections and a digital read-out with 0.1% for the entire moisture range. 

The mini-Ligno meters listed below have built-in pins and a connection for electrodes and extension cables:
 • mini-Ligno MD/C
 • mini-Ligno S/DC
 • mini-Ligno DX/C

The Ligno meters have a BNC connector to connect cables from electrodes. To connect the cables with split ends coming from the probes, the Adapter H is needed:
• Lignometer K (pin only)
• Ligno-VersaTec (pin-pinless-RH)