RH Sleeves

RH sleeves are hole-liners, which are open only at the bottom to allow measuring at a defined depth. Sleeves are available 1.8″ and 3″ long, they can be cut to fit depths between 1/2″ to 3″. For deeper measurements contact Customer Service.

In-situ RH concrete moisture testing: Lignomat’s RH sleeves comply with ASTM standard F2170 for moisture testing concrete slabs. Designed for easy installation and good sealing ability, sleeves have feathered fins along the entire length and a lip which covers the area around the concrete hole to provide another barrier for air not to escape. Flat red and blue caps fit tight.

In-depth measurements: Besides using sleeves for in-situ concrete testing, sleeves can be used as hole liners to measure moisture behind walls, ceilings, in roofs… With extensions sleeves can reach up to 12″ deep.

Lignomat offers three RH meters and two data loggers:
— Ligno-Tec RH  — Ligno-DuoTec BW  — Ligno-VersaTec

— RH data logger BL2 Memo-Chip
— MC Moisture Tracker

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Product Description

Sleeves are used for RH moisture testing in concrete slabs and other applications, where a hole liner is needed to measure relative humidity at a defined depth. Lignomat’s sleeves were designed to comply with ASTM F2170 standard for in-situ RH concrete moisture testing.

Concrete moisture testing: The ASTM standard F2170 describes the test equipment and the test procedure. The standard is still being up-dated, the latest version can be obtained from the ASTM web-site.

Sleeves from Lignomat come in lengths of 1.8″ and 3″ (4.6cm and 7.6cm). We offer extensions beyond 3″, contact customer service at 800-227-2105. Both types of sleeves require a hole 5/8″  (16mm) in the concrete. Depth of the hole is determined by the ASTM standard.

Sleeves have ribs along the entire length. If sleeves have to be cut shorter, there are always enough ribs left to seal the hole. Ribs are feathered for easy installation and provide an excellent seal. The lip, which is part of each sleeve, sits tightly on the concrete surface. No additional sealant needs to be applied. All sleeves come with blue caps with a rubber O-ring to seal the opening. Red caps are provided with RH BluePeg probes and can be used to mark sleeves which have a RH probe inside.

Depending on the thickness of the concrete slab, sleeves may have to be cut shorter, which will result in the RH probe sticking out above the surface. We offer Top Extenders (#RH-EX), which will cover the probe in the shortened sleeves.

When using the longer sleeves for measuring over 2.4″ deep, it is hard to connect the cable to the Rh BluePeg probe deep down inside the sleeve. We offer a Depth-Adapter (#RH-DA)to be connected to the RH Probe. The depth adapter brings the cable connection closer to the surface for ease of cable plug-in.

Other applications:
Sleeves can be used to seal-off an air space, close to the surface or deep inside walls, ceilings and roofs between 1/2″ and 12″ deep. Place the RH probe inside and the humidity can be measured as a defined location. Connect RH meter or data logger to measure and monitor airspaces anywhere in the building envelope.

Relative humidity measurements can be used a a gauge for wetness, dryness and drying not only in air but in other materials as well. Especially in materials which cannot be measured by pin or pinless meters such as fluffy insulation or granulated materials. It is simple, the more moisture a material releases, the higher the relative humidity of the surrounding air. The EMC chart, which documents the relationship between air moisture and wood moisture, can be used as a basis for interpretations for measured RH values. (Wood Moisture Equivalent). Contact customer service to find the right solution for your measuring moisture application. This could be a handheld moisture meter pin or pinless or a meter with RH probe.

RH meters and data loggers indicate RH/Temp/DewPT/GPP:

— Lign-Tec RH: RH mode only
Ligno-DuoTec BW: RH mode and pinless
Ligno-Versatec: RH mode, pin and pinless

RH data logger BL2 Memo-Chip
MC Moisture Tracker: RH and moisture content

If you need a cable for in-situ RH moisture testing, click here to order the RH-CC cable.
If you need a cable for monitoring RH probes, click here to order the RH-CB cable.

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