RH Vacuum Attachment

For in-situ moisture testing of concrete slabs with Lignomat’s RH system. The vacuum attachment is used to remove loose particles and dust from freshly drilled holes. Once the hole has been completely cleaned, the sleeve can be inserted into the hole as described in ASTM standard F2170.

Item Number: RH-V


Product Description

RH in-situ moisture testing in concrete requires holes to be drilled. Those holes need to be brushed out and cleaned out with a vacuum cleaner or similar device to remove all loose particles from the holes. The procedure of brushing and cleaning should be repeated three times for each hole, with vacuuming being the last step before the sleeves are inserted.

The vacuum attachment fits most standard vacuum hoses, inner diameter is 1 1/4″. The vacuum attachment has a black tube with 1/2″ diameter and a length of 5″. The length of the entire tool is 7 1/4″.

The holes drilled for the Lignomat sleeves have a diameter of 5/8″. The vacuum attachment fits the 5/8″ holes easily.

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