RH Top-Extender

In-situ RH concrete moisture testing: The RH top-extenders are necessary, when the standard 1.8″ long sleeves have to be cut shorter. Then, the red and the blue caps do not fit any longer, because the RH BluePeg probe is sticking out too far.

The top-extenders fit into the sleeves and cover the RH BluePeg probes. The standard concrete cable is still used to obtain measurements, after the blue hood has been removed.

Lignomat offers three RH meters and two data loggers:
— Ligno-Tec RH
— Ligno-DuoTec BW
— Ligno-VersaTec

— RH data logger BL2 Memo-Chip
— MC Moisture Tracker

Item Number: RH-EX

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Product Description

RH top-extenders are used for in-situ concrete moisture testing, when the measuring depth for the RH probe is less than 1.5″.

When the sleeves are cut shorter (see ASTM F2170 for required measuring depth), the RH probes could be either too close to the surface or sticking out above the sleeve. The blue and red caps do not fit anymore, then the top-extenders have to be used to seal the opening. They fit tightly into the sleeves and cover the RH probes.

The top-extender consists of two pieces, a blue hood and a black cylinder. The blue hood is removed to obtain a measurement and has to be put back into place after the measurement is done. The concrete cable can be used in the black cylinder, the same way as it is used in the sleeve.

The RH top-extenders stick out 1 3/8″ above the sleeves. If the sleeves have to be cut 3/4″ or shorter, then two of the black cylinders can be stacked into each-other to cover the RH BluePeg probe. Order 2 top-extenders per sleeve. The black cylinders can be stacked and one of the blue cap hoods not used.

The RH cable with sleeve-cover (#RH-CB) can be used instead of the top-extenders. With the top extenders, you have to remove the blue hood every time you take a measurement. With the RH-CB cable, the open cable is connected whenever readings have to be obtained. The sleeve, RH probe, blue hood and cable connection are throughout the test series undisturbed. The RH-CB cable has to be used to monitor RH probes in the sleeve with any of the data loggers.

Lignomat offers three moisture meters and two data loggers for RH measurements:

— Ligno-Tec RH: RH only
— Ligno-DuoTec BW: RH and pinless
— Ligno-VersaTec: RH and pinless and pin 

— RH data logger BL2 Memo-Chip
— MC Moisture Tracker: RH and moisture content

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