RH Cleaning Brush

The RH cleaning brush is required for in-situ probe testing of concrete moisture according to ASTM standard F2170. The brush is used after holes are drilled  ∅5/8″ and before the sleeves are inserted.

Th brush fit holes with a 5/8″ diameter for Lignomat’s sleeves and it has a rounded tip for brushing the bottom of the hole.

Item Number: RH-BR


Product Description

For in-situ probe testing in concrete: After drilling a hole 5/8″ for RH testing, the hole needs to be cleaned using a cleaning brush and vacuum cleaner or similar device.

Vacuum cleaner with vacuum attachment removes all dust from drilling. Next, the hole is brushed out to remove all loose particles, followed by cleaning hole with vacuum again. For a thorough cleaning process we recommend to brush and vacuum the hole 3 times, with vacuuming being the last step.

The sturdy cleaning brush has a diameter of 3/4″ slightly larger that the 5/8″ hole needed for Lignomat’s sleeves. The brush has bristles on the side to clean the walls, and bristles at the top of the brush the scrap particles off the bottom of the hole.

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