Overview Pin Moisture Meters

Versatility is an advantage of pin moisture meters. Pin meters can measure all thicknesses from veneer to lumber to logs, from wet to dry, from flat boards to round or oddly shaped pieces.

Another Advantage of pin moisture meters is their ability to connect different attachments to measure where built-in pins of moisture meters cannot reach. We offer electrodes (hand probes) with insulated pins to measure up to 2″ for core measurements in thick lumber and up to 7″ deep for building inspections. In addition, extension cables to be used with in-kiln monitors or in restoration jobs or for building surveillance.

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mini-Ligno Series pin-moisture meters

Pin Moisture Meters

→ mini-Ligno Series:

We offer 7 different pocket-size models with built-in pins. Select for moisture range, materials to be measured, number of wood group corrections, with or without connection to electrodes and monitor cables and price (starting at $97.00).

Accurate, reliable, versatile and affordable, that’s what our customers like about the mini-Lignos. Used for home and industrial applications from woodworking to hardwood floors, from lumber drying to water damage repair.

and Lignometer K  moisture meters come with the widest measuring range, individualized wood species corrections, wood temperature corrections and calibrations for non-wood materials. The LCD display shows the measured moisture value with 0.1% resolution for the entire range and indicates wood species and wood temperature settings. 

  • Lignometer K: Pin moisture meter with connector for electrodes and extension cables.
  • Ligno-VersaTec: Pin, pinless and RH combination moisture meter with connector for electrodes and extension cables plus RH probe to use meter as precision Thermo-Hygrometer.


→ Electrode E12 Slide- hammer
→ Packages with E12
→ Packages with E12 and E14

Adding Slide Hammer Electrode E12 allows moisture measurements up to 2” deep to determine, if a moisture gradient exists or if the material is evenly dried from surface to core.

Used for quality control when drying lumber or manufacturing wood products. In the flooring industry, the electrode E12 is needed to investigate floor and sub floor problems. In the restoration industry, moisture can be measured in structural components up to 2” deep.

Electrode E14-V (Ligno-VersaTec, Lignometer K)
→ Electrode E14-m (mini-Ligno MD/C, S/DC, DX/C)

Packages with E14
→ Packages with E12 and E14

Inspection Electrode E14 is made to track moisture in the building envelope. Insulated pins measure up to 7” deep. Handle is extendable. Can be used for wood measurements and measuring extremely hard materials.

Slim shape allows reaching into corners, under baseboards, around window sills. Strong enough to withstand hard pounding when inserting pins into hard materials such as hard wood, cementitious panels, strand bamboo and even concrete.

→ Electrode E16
→ Packages with E16
→ Packages with E12, E14 and E16

The Electrode E16 is used for measuring hard building materials, concrete, brick, tile, stone, grout, etc.

The single posts can be inserted easier one by one into hard materials. In addition, the distance between the posts and the direction of the pins can be chosen to allow measuring different materials and shapes.

In-Kiln and Cable Monitors

With PK Probes and PK Cables:

→ Parts In-Kiln Monitor
→ Packages In-Kiln Monitor

 Adding cables and PK probes allows to monitor lumber drying in all sizes and types of dry kilns from solar to dehumidification to conventional steam kilns. Works in lumber dry kilns, pre-dryers, air drying facilities and during warehousing of lumber. No need to enter a hot kiln when using Lignomat’s in-kiln monitor systems. 

PK Probes can also be used to monitor moisture in laminated beams, structural components of buildings, in concrete and other hygroscopic materials.

With Pins, Screws and Extension Cables:

→ Parts for Monitoring
→ Packages with extension Cables

 Used for monitoring out of reach areas in the building envelope anywhere, anytime: crawl spaces, floors, ceilings, attics, roofs, etc. 
Moisture meter can be connected anytime to check on drying progress during restoration work or for leak surveillance after repairs are finished.

Used for material testing, where measurements are periodically taken from the same spot at the same measuring depth.

Ligno-VersaTec Packages:

Summary of VersaTec Packages

Multifunction Ligno-VersaTec combines Lignomat’s accurate pin, pinless and RH measuring technologies and coupled with a wide variety of attachments allows you to investigate the most diverse jobs.


Why Buy a Moisture Meter from Lignomat:

Accuracy of a moisture meter depends on the stability of the measuring circuitry and the ability to correct for the material to be measured. 

  • Lignomat’s moisture meters have a great track record for keeping their calibration stable for the lifetime of the moisture meter. All our pin moisture meters have a built-in check and re-calibration feature to keep the calibration unchanged. Whether the moisture meter is old or new, hot or cold, the calibration will stay for the lifetime of the moisture meter. The best examples are the original mini-Lignos, which were sold 40 years ago and to this day kept their calibration. If proof of calibration is required for a job, we supply an external calibration check block.
  • We continuously add correction factors to our moisture meters to allow accurate measurements for newly introduced wood species, engineered panels and other un-categorized materials to give our customers up-to-date moisture meters. In the past years we have added corrections for bamboo, OSB, Advantech and different exterior and interior wall boards.
  • We provide professional customer service in helping you to select the right moisture meter for your application and once you own a Lignomat meter, you can still count on our expert advice. 

If proof of calibration is required for a job, we supply external calibration check blocks for pinless moisture meters.