Switch Box

The switch box is part of a monitoring system to obtain wood moisture and EMC measurements without having to enter a hot kiln.

The switch box is installed outside the kiln. The box has a selector switch from 4 up to 12 stations and a connector for a BNC cable to the Ligno-VersaTec and Lignometer K moisture meters.

Cables are permanently installed from the switch box outside to a station plate or a series of angle connectors inside a kiln. Angle connectors and station plate are plug-ins for PK-cables from wood probes and/or an EMC holder. This completes the connection from the switch box outside to PK probes in a board in the middle of a stack inside a kiln.

Measurements for wood moisture and EMC:
— Ligno-VersaTec
— Lignometer K

As options, we offer Lignomat’s wireless data logger, which reports measurements directly to a PC or a line of kiln control systems from small to large kilns and pre-dryers.

Item Number: K-SB

Starting at $105.00

Product Description

The switch box is mounted outside the kiln. Moisture measurements can be obtained by connecting the Ligno-VersaTec and Lignometer K to the switch box and dialing-up all measuring points placed throughout the kiln charge.

The switch box comes with a 12-position selector switch and a BNC connector mounted on the front plate. The wiring inside the box is completed, connecting the in-kiln wiring to the switch box has been made easy with terminal blocks. No soldering required.

Inside, individual angle connectors are placed along the kiln wall or for smaller kilns the station plate is mounted. Cables are permanently installed from the switch box to each angle connector or to each position on the station plate.

The installation of the kiln monitor is completed once the switch box and all cable connections to the 4-station plate or the angle connectors are installed.

Once the kiln is loaded, the PK cables are connected to the station plate or angle connector, the EMC holder can also be plugged into one of the stations.

Now at any time, the Lignometer K or Ligno-VersaTec meter can be connected to the switch box with the standard BNC cable supplied with every Lignometer K or Ligno-VersaTec. Dialing from 1-4 or 1-12 positions will give individual moisture measurements from all wood probes inside the kiln.

The switch box is available with a minimum of 4 connection points, which go with the 4-station plate. The maximum is 12 connection points, where either 2 or 3  4-station plates or up to 12 individual angle connectors are mounted along the kiln wall.

Lignomat’s customers have for over 50 years used in-kiln monitors with PK probes and PK-H cables and EMC measurement, because:

  • Nobody has to enter a hot kiln.
  • Wood measurements come from a place in the middle of the stack in the middle of the kiln charge. A place, which cannot be reached any other way, than to install the probes before the kiln is loaded.
  • Last not least, measurements can be used to optimize drying and to know when the kiln charge is done.

In-kiln monitor equipment:

— PK wood probes
— PK-H cable
— 4-station plate
— teflon cable
— switch box

— EMC wafer
— EMC holder

— Ligno-VersaTec
— Lignometer K

— Kiln control systems

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