Cable Roll

The teflon cable is used for in-kiln wiring to connect
– 4-station plate to switch box
– angle connectors to switch box
– angle connectors to control panel for kiln controller.

The teflon cable is sold by-the-foot without connectors at the cable ends.
We custom-cut length to the customers requirements.

If a cable with connectors at the end is required, selection of cables available have 4mm and 2 plugs, 4mm and 2mm jacks, and loops.

Sold-by-the-foot, custom-cut to length

Item Number: K-TC


Product Description

The cable has been selected specifically for in-kiln application to withstands hot and humid conditions in a dry kiln and to accurately transfer measured values from the PK probes inside the kiln to the meter, in-kiln monitor or kiln control system.

The cable consists of a pair of twisted shielded wires. It is available by-the-foot and can be ordered any length required.

The cable is used to make the connection between angle connectors and 4-station plate to the switch box or the control panel of the kiln control system.

We offer the following cables with connectors at the end:

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