Station Plate

The 4-Station Plate is used in smaller kilns to connect 4 wood probe cables or 3 wood probe cables and 1 EMC holder to the in-kiln wiring going to the switch box. Cables between switch box and station plate are permanently installed.

It makes handling the PK wood probe cables a lot easier, when the cables can be connected to the station plate after the kiln is loaded and disconnected before the kiln is unloaded.

EMC holder and wafer measure humidity inside the kiln. EMC values and actual wood moisture measurements can be compared to determine drying conditions and can be used to control a dry kiln.

Measurements for wood moisture and EMC:
— Ligno-VersaTec
— Lignometer K

Item Number: K-SP


Product Description

The station plate is used inside dry kilns. It serves as junction box for 4 cable connections. One side of the station plate has 4 sets of 4mm jacks to plug-in
-4 wood probe cables or
– 3 wood probe cables and 1 EMC holder
The other side of the plate has 4 sets of cable lugs to connect the permanently installed cables, which go to the switch box.

Having a cable junction box installed on the kiln wall, allows connecting and disconnecting the PK wood probe cables while loading and unloading the kiln. Otherwise longer cable runs can make handling the cables cumbersome. In-kiln wiring can be avoided, when using the wireless transmitter / receiver system from Lignomat.

All in-kiln parts including the 4-station plate are made from aluminum, stainless steel and teflon to withstand the corrosive air and hot temperatures inside a drying chamber.

Using EMC wafers in dry kilns to measure humidity is an excellent choice. The cellulose EMC wafer is inexpensive, reliable and not affected by the corrosive air nor by high temperatures inside lumber dry kilns. Measuring elements in relative humidity probes and thermo-hygrometers will likely be destroyed within a few months by the corrosive air in a dry kiln. Wet-bulb dry bulb thermometer stations are cumbersome to maintain. Lignomat has used EMC measurements with cellulose wafers in lumber dryers and pre-dryers for over 50 years.

EMC Charts: Corresponding values for relative humidity / temperature Wet-bulb dry-bulb and wood moisture content are listed in the

— EMC-RH-WB Chart up to 210°F
— EMC-RH-WB Graph for kiln-drying up to 260°F
— EMC-Chart up to 100°F

In-kiln equipment:

— PK wood probes
— PK-H cable
— 4-station plate
— teflon cable
— switch box

EMC wafer
— EMC holder

— Ligno-VersaTec
— Lignometer K

— Kiln control systems

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