Package S4-P


For inspection, construction, restoration and building maintenance. To check for moisture intrusion in wood, drywall and other moisture sensitive building materials.

Electrode E14-m is used when the integral pins of the mini-Ligno S/DC meter cannot reach the areas to be measured, either pins and meter housing do not fit into the space (corners) or pins are not measuring deep enough. Add EL pins for measuring 7″ deep.


The mini-Ligno S/DC moisture meter measures hardwoods, softwoods and panel products and has percent scales for drywall, exterior and interior wall boards and a reference scale for concrete (add E16) and other building materials.

The slim Electrode E14-m is designed to measure hard-to-reach corners, under base boards, around window frames. Handle is extendable to reach ceilings and floors easily. Teflon-coated pins measure moisture at different depth levels even behind a wet surface. Electrode and EG pins are strong enough to be hammered into hard materials even cementitiuos panels.

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Product Description

Package S4-P

The S4-P inspector package is used to detect moisture problems in buildings. That can be a tricky job, because moisture hides behind structural components and travels, wherever it finds a path. It is often impossible to reach these trouble spots with the integral pins of a handheld meter. An external electrode is required. The multi-purpose electrode E14-m is specifically designed for that purpose.

The E14-m is also used for woodworking and flooring, especially for measuring materials too hard for the meter pins to be pushed in by hand.

The package consists of:

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The moisture meter of your choice, the mini-Ligno S/DC is a perfect meter for the construction and restoration professional, maintenance crews and home owners needing to track high moisture levels in buildings (MOLD!) Meter is also used for wood floor applications. It comes with integral pins and a connector built-in for external electrodes or cables to monitor . Features are the wide measuring range and corrections for measuring softwood, hardwood and panel products, gypsum and different types of wall boards and a reference scale for concrete and other building materials.

If more corrections for different wood species domestic and tropical are needed, choose the package D4-P with mini-Ligno DX/C .

Electrode E14-m with EG pins can be used for measuring moisture on any surface up to 3/4″ deep with insulated pins EG. In addition, the slim shape of the E14 allows checking tight places, around pipes, below window sills, in wall corners, places which cannot be reached easily with other hand probes. If the pins are hammered into the material, consecutive readings show moisture changes within the material at every depth level the pins are driven to. Adding the 7″ long EL pins lets you reach through insulation or under baseboards into structural components. Great for EIFS inspections.

The knob at the end of the handle can be removed and replaced by a paint brush handle or broom stick. Using the paint brush handle allows to extend the reach to keep a safe distance from mold infested areas and still be able to get reliable measurements. Extending the handle with a broom stick makes measuring carpets and carpet padding easy without crouching down. Ceilings can be checked for moisture leakage without a ladder.

Pins measure only at the tip. EG and EL pins are teflon-coated up to the electrode handle. Moisture from a wet surface is never picked up, even if the pins are pushed all the way into the material.

Using the external electrode E14-m allows you to keep the meter display visible in front of you. Measuring ceilings, walls or floors with the meter itself can make it impossible to read the numbers on the display.

Electrode and pins are very sturdy and allow hard pounding to insert pins into hard materials. Works for strand bamboo as well as hard and cementitious panel products. 

Electrode E14-m comes with a cable with a slit end and 2mm plugs to fit the mini-Ligno C’s,
and 1 pair EG pins.

Available pins:
EG pins teflon coated, measuring depth 3/4″
EL pins teflon coated, measuring depth 7″


If your job asks for assessing moisture infiltration in buildings you have choices which products to use:

  • The package S4-P described above allows measurements of moisture from surface up to 3/4″ deep with teflon-coated EG pins and up to 7″ deep, if EL pins are added.
  • Dual-depth pinless meters from Lignomat allow measuring moisture on flat surfaces up to 1/4″ and 3/4″ deep, producing one moisture value for the entire measuring field. Pinless meters cannot show different moisture levels at different depths, only pin meters are able to do that.
  • V4-S package, combines advantages of pin and pinless measuring technology.
  • Infrared cameras are fast in giving an overall picture of moisture accumulations. However, how deep the moisture reaches or if there is still residual moisture behind the surface can only be measures with a pin meter.

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Package Includes

Mini-Ligno S/DC

mini-Ligno S/DC
The S/DC comes with green cap, strap, 9V battery, 2 sets of pins for 3/16″ and 7/16″ measuring depth, manual, laminated species card in a pouch with belt loop.

The S/DC has 6 correction settings built-in.
— 2 for softwood, hardwood and panel products
— 3 for wall board, water resistant, interior and exterior
— 1 reference scale for concrete and other building materials

Electrode E14-m

The slim E14-m is designed to measure hard to reach problem areas fast and easy. Teflon-coated pins measure only at the tip. Handle can be extended. With 3ft long cable to fit mini-Ligno C models.

Incl. 1 pair EG pins for 3/4″ measuring depth.


Pouch comes with a strap.
Fits mini-Ligno S/DC and Electrode E14.
Too small for Electrode E12.

Case S (optional)

The black hard-shell case comes with a handle and a foam insert for protection. Designed to fit mini-Ligno S/DC and Electrodes E14 and E16.

Cannot be used for electrode E12.