Pins for mini-Lignos

Each mini-Ligno comes with 1 set of pins for 3/16″ and 1 set of pins for 7/16″ measuring depth.

All mini-Lignos have the MA pins installed at the time of assembly. The longer MB pins are in the back of each meter case and can be exchanged by the user at any time.

MA and MB pins are for
– mini-Ligno MD and MD/C
mini-Ligno E/D
– mini-Ligno SD and SD/C
– mini-Ligno DX and DX/C

If deeper measurements are needed, you can make a fresh cut and measure the endgrain. If you have a mini-Ligno MD/C, S/DC or DX/C you can add the slide-hammer electrode E12 (up to 2″ deep) and inspection electrode E14-m (up to 7″ deep) or in-kiln cables and PK probes.

Prices are for 1 pair of pins (2 pieces).

Item Number: MA, MB

Starting at $2.70

Product Description

Pins for the mini-Lignos are made from hardened steel. The tip has the shape of a sharp triangle for sturdiness. The blunt end makes the contact to the circuit board inside the case.

Each meter comes with 2 sets of pins, 1 set for 3/16″ and 1 set for 7/16″ measuring depth.

MA pins for 3/16″ (10mm) measuring depth
MB pins for 7/16″ (15mm) measuring depth

mini-Ligno pinsThe integral pins at the mini-Lignos measure 7/16″ deep. The meter indicates the highest moisture content along the pins, which could be surface moisture or moisture more towards the core. If the places you want to measure are hard to reach with the integral pins of the meter, you can add attachments to the following mini-Ligno C models:
mini-Ligno MD/C,
mini-Ligno S/DC,
mini-Ligno DX/C.

For deeper measurements in wood you can make a fresh cut and measure the endgrain. If cutting the wood is not feasible, use the Electrode E12 slide hammer probe.

If you are using the meter for building, maintenance and restoration, you may want to consider adding the Electrode E14-m to measure, where the integral pins on the mini-Lignos cannot reach. For example corners, around window sills, under base boards, etc.

If you are drying lumber yourself, add PK-mini cables and PK probes to measure the middle of the stack.

mini-Lignos without inserts for cable connectors:
mini-Ligno MD, E/D, S/D and DX

mini-Ligno C-models with inserts for cable connectors:
mini-Ligno MD/C, S/DC, DX/C

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