Tracker MC/RH – Module

The moisture Tracker MC/RH module is part of a data logger for measuring moisture & humidity from

  • 3 measuring points in wood, drywall, brick and other solid materials
  • 1 RH BluePeg probe for relative humidity and temperature

The Tracker works like 3 moisture meters and 1 thermo-hygrometer taking measurements simultaneously at pre-selected intervals. To save the measurements, the Tracker has to be connected to the BL2 Memo-Chip. To download and review the saved data, the BL2 has to be connected to a PC. The PC shows graphs and logs of  the measured values with date and time stamp. Data can also be downloaded to an excel spread sheet. The Tracker measures and the Memo-Chip BL2 initiates and saves measurements.

Long and short term monitoring show changes in moisture and humidity continuously, whereas handheld thermo-hygrometers and moisture meters just show at-this-moment values. Since both moisture and humidity are recorded simultaneously over time, the graph shows how changes in humidity affect the moisture content of the test material.

Item Number: MC/RH


Product Description

Track Moisture with Lignomat’s Tracker MC/RH

For short term and long term monitoring. In order to ensure a leak is fixed or to ensure a moisture problem has not returned to a site it is important to track moisture. With this easy to use Tracker MC/RH Lignomat can solve a lot of problems for you. 

The Tracker MC/RH module contains state-of-the-art measuring circuitry for relative humidity, ambient temperature and moisture measurements. Track moisture in wood, drywall and other building materials. Measuring cables from the measuring points are plugged into the Tracker which includes a datalogger to log all the measurements. 

Data Logging: Probes, pins or screws, RH BluePeg probe and connecting cables are installed and plugged into the Tracker. Length of cable can be customized depending on job. Then, the Memo-Chip BL2 is set up for the test series and connected to the Tracker. Now you are ready to track moisture. 

The BL2 initiates measurements at pre-set time intervals. The moisture Tracker takes measurements from all measuring points and the BL2 saves the measurements. The BL2 can save up to 32000 sets of RH and MC measurements with date and time stamp. Data can be downloaded and reviewed on a PC.

Tracker MC/RH: 

The moisture Tracker MC/RH functions as 3 moisture meters and 1 thermo-hygrometer, taking measurements at preset time intervals. 

The Tracker has connectors for 4 cables in the front and 1 cable in the back. All connections are plug-ins, easy to use and fail-proof.

The connectors in the front are for the measuring cables:

Three sets of 2mm jacks are for 3 cables with 2mm plugs coming from screws, probes or pins installed in the material for moisture measurements. One 3.5mm stereo jack on the left is for a RH cable or RH adapter to connect the RH BluePeg probe for relative humidity and temperature measurements. 

The connector in the back is a 3.5mm stereo jack to connect a RH cable or RH adapter to the Memo-Chip BL2 to save measurements.

This 2-module system with BL2 and Tracker MC modules allows for installing probes, cables and the moisture Tracker permanently and leaving the BL2 in an easy-to-retrieve location for intermittent data retrieval. Upon request, the RH cable between Tracker and BL2 can be custom cut to allow remote placement of the Tracker.  

Measuring cables:

Data communication cable: A RH cable with 3.5mm plugs is used for the connection between Tracker and Memo-Chip BL2.


Tracker MC-RH 
Size; 4″ x 2.5″ x 1″ (10cm x 6.4cm x 2.6cm)
No battery needed, measurements are initiated and recorded by the BL2 Memo-Chip.
Built-in connectors for
– cables to measure moisture content and relative humidity
– cable to connect BL2

Moisture Measurements
Tracker MC/RH can track moisture in wood, drywall and other moisture-absorbing materials.
Measuring range for wood is 5-99.9%.
With built-in temperature probe for wood temperature corrections

Final moisture values which appear in graph and log on PC are corrected

  • for the wood temperature as measured by the Tracker
  • for the wood species as selected when the BL2 is set up for the test
  • for drywall settings and for reference scales as selected when the Bl2 is set up for the test

RH Measurements 
RH: ±2% for 10-90%, ±3% for 0-10% and > 90%
T: ±0.5°F for 32°F to 120°F, ±1°F less 32°F to 5°F and above 120°F to 160°F

For more information, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-227-2105.

Lignomat USA Ltd, 14345 NE Morris Ct., Portland OR 97230, USA,

Package Includes

Memo-Chip BL2

RH BluePeg Probe

RH Adapter

Adapter with 2 male 3.5mm connectors for a direct connection of RH BLuePeg Probe the Memo-Chip BL2

RH Cable

6ft long, with 2 male 3.5mm connectors to connect RH BluePeg Probe to Memo-Chip BL2.

USB Cable

connects Memo-Chip BL2 to a PC to download data.