Package MPP-M


For inspection, construction and restoration jobs. To check hardwood floors and subfloors, structural lumber, etc. Pin meters are the best option when deep measurements are necessary in the building envelope.


The mini-Ligno MD/C offers Lignomat quality at its best price. The measuring range of 6%-25% is still wide enough to cover applications from woodworking to home construction and home restoration, lumber drying, even measuring firewood. Correction settings are built-in for hardwoods, softwoods and panel products. 

Using the electrode E12 allows accurate measurements up to 2” deep in wood with insulated pins. Using the electrode E14-m allows measurements in drywall, wall boards and otherwise unreachable problem areas. Using electrode E16 allows measurements in hard building materials such as concrete, tile, or stone.

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Product Description

Package MPP-M

The MPP: Multi-Use package includes 3 electrodes. The electrode E12 is mainly used to measure wood, wood floors and subfloors, even without removing the floor planks. The slim shape and long pins of the electrode E14-m allow for measuring in corners, under baseboards, around window sills, behind wall cavities, places which cannot be reached with the integral pins of a meter. The electrode E16 is for measuring hard building materials such as concrete, brick, tile or grout that other electrodes cannot easily measure.

The package MPP-M consists of:

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The mini-Ligno MD/C moisture meter offers Lignomat quality at its best price. The measuring range of 6%-25% is still wide enough to cover all applications from woodworking to home construction and home restoration, lumber drying, even measuring firewood. Correction settings are built-in for measuring hardwoods, softwoods and panel products.

Depth Measurement: The integral pins on the mini-Lignos measure 7/16” deep. For deeper measurements you can make a fresh cut and measure the end grain. When checking out floors or other components in the building envelope, cutting the wood is not feasible then depending on the job, choose E12 or E14-m electrode to reach, where moisture may hide.

The Electrode E12 comes with 1 pair of 1″ pins and 1 pair of 1.5″. The 2″ long pins need to be ordered separately. All E12 pins are insulated and measure only at the tip.

As the pins are hammered into the wood, consecutive readings show if wood is dry throughout the core. The E12 is the only tool to give accurate measurements at a defined level. Taking numerous readings indicate if a moisture gradient exists. Sub floors can be measured without removing the floor planks.

When assessing water damage, the pins of the E12 can be driven to different depth levels and thus indicate how far water has been absorbed or if there is still residual moisture inside the structure after drying. Insulated pins can measure dry material behind a wet surface.

When the integrated mini-Ligno MD/C pins and electrode E12 cannot reach the areas to be tested, use the Electrode E14-m with EG pins: The slim shape allows for checking around pipes, below window sills, in wall corners, places where round electrodes or built-in pins from moisture meters cannot reach. With the E14 you can truly track moisture wherever it hides. Adding the 7″ long EL pins lets you reach through insulation or under baseboards into structural components. Great for EIFS inspections.

The knob at the end of the handle can be removed and replaced by a paint brush handle or broom stick. Using the paint brush handle allows to extend the reach. You can stay a distance from mold infested areas and still be able to get reliable measurements. Extending the handle with a broom stick makes measuring carpets and carpet padding easy without crouching down. Ceilings can be checked for moisture leakage without a ladder.

Pins measure only at the tip. EG and EL pins are teflon coated up to the electrode handle. Moisture from a wet surface is never picked up, even if the pins are pushed all the way into the material.

Another benefit of using the external electrode E14-m is that you can keep the moisture meter in your hand and the display is always close-by. Measuring ceilings, walls or floors with the meter itself can make it impossible to see the display.

For building materials: The pins on the moisture meter work well in soft materials such as drywall for a depth of 7/16″. If corners and tight places cannot be reached with the integral meter pins, the electrode E16 can be used for measurements up to 7″ deep. (Add-on EL pins).

When measuring hard materials such as concrete, it is impossible to push the moisture meter pins into the material. Using the two separate posts of the electrode E16 make it easier to insert the pins. Pre-drilling holes may be necessary to reach the desired measuring depth

Using a pin moisture meter with electrode E16 gives immediate results when measuring concrete. The measurements can show areas of high and low moisture levels. However, it cannot replace the in-situ probe test or the Calcium-Chloride test which allow to determine, if a wood floor can be installed.

Measurements obtained from concrete or cementitious materials are reference numbers. Those values become meaningful, when a dry sample piece of the material is available. Measurements can then be compared to the moisture value for dry.

We recommend a distance of 4.5″ between the posts for measuring cementitious materials, because moisture values can be very high even for dry conditions. Another advantage for using the dual pin posts.



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Package Includes

mini-Ligno MD/C

mini-Ligno MD/C
The MD/C comes with green cap, strap, 9V battery, 2 sets of pins for 3/16″ and 7/16″ measuring depth, manual, laminated species card in a pouch with belt loop.

The MD/C has 2 correction settings built-in for softwood, hardwood and panel products built-in.

Electrode E12

Electrode E12

is equipped with a slide hammer to insert and extract the teflon-coated pins. A BNC connector is mounted at the electrode head to connect the cable.
Incl. 1 pair each DA pins (1.5″) and DZ pins (1″ measuring depth)

Electrode E14-m

The slim E14-m is designed to measure hard to reach problem areas fast and easy. Teflon-coated pins measure only at the tip. Handle can be extended. With 3ft long cable to fit mini-Ligno C models.

Incl. 1 pair EG pins for 3/4″ measuring depth.

Electrode E16

Electrode E16
Used in construction, restoration, building surveillance and the hardwood flooring industry. Tapping on top of probes will drive pins into the building material. Pre-drilling holes may be required for concrete, brick, etc.

Incl. 1 pair EC pins (uncoated).

mini-BNC Cable

mini-BNC Cable connects Electrode E12 to
mini-Ligno MD/C
standard length 3ft, optional 6ft

mini-E16 Cable

mini-E16 Cable connects Electrode E16 (split cable 4mm ends) to
mini-Ligno MD/C
standard length 3ft, optional 6ft

Case M

Case M
The black hard-shell case comes with a handle and a foam insert for protection. Designed to fit meter and Electrode E12 and RH Accessories