Overview Pin Moisture Meters

All Moisture Meters with Pins are calibrated to measure wood moisture in percent.

The choice between pin or pinless moisture meters: For boards up to 1.5″ thick pinless moisture meters are very convenient. In a short time a lot of measurements can be taken without making pin holes. For thicker wood, round or otherwise shaped wood, pin meters are a better choice. Pin moisture meters will measure any shape as long as both pins can be inserted into the same product (without a gap between the pins). Another advantage of pin moisture meters is the capability to add external electrodes for depth measurements and cables to monitor lumber drying (in-kiln monitor).

The Ligno-VersaTec and Lignometer K are considered more advanced moisture meters with a wider moisture range and more corrections for different wood species and other materials . And, the Ligno-VersaTec is also a pinless and RH meter.