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Lignomat’s wireless monitoring system has been in use for many years  producing reliable and accurate measurements. The system is easily adaptable to different applications from recording the drying history in lumber dry kilns to monitoring historic buildings. 

On-site data loggers are the BL2 Memo-Chip for RH, Temp, DPT, GPP, EMC and the combination BL2 with MC Tracker for recording relative humidity of air and moisture content in wood and other materials. To review and download saved data, the BL2 has to be connected to a PC. 

Handheld moisture meters and cables can also be used to monitor. Measurements are obtained by connecting the cables directly to the moisture meters Ligno-VersaTec, Lignometer K, mini-Lignos DX/C, S/DC or MD/C. 

Lignomat offers a wide selection of probes-pins-screws-for-monitoring to allow for measuring many different materials at various depths between 1/4″ to 7″ deep. The same probes, pins, screws and cables and used whether you use a wireless system or a handheld moisture meter.