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In-kiln Moisture Monitoring

Moisture Meter for In-kiln Moisture Measurement

Whether you have no budget yet for a professional dry kiln, or you would like to monitor your kiln performance, a reliable and accurate moisture meter for in-kiln moisture measurement is the best investment for your kiln dry operation. Monitoring the moisture changes continuously will get you the most out of your lumber drying. It […]

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How to Choose the Best Moisture Meter for Stacked Lumber?

During lumber drying process, whether air dry or kiln dry, a moisture meter is the most reliable means of determining moisture content. However, it can be difficult to get it right. Being able to correctly measure moisture content of stacked lumber being dried is crucial for optimized lumber quality. How can you measure the shell and core […]

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Choosing the Best Wood Moisture Meter for In-kiln Moisture Monitoring

For kiln drying, nobody has to enter a hot kiln. Lignomat’s in-kiln monitoring Package K-11 allows you to monitor the entire drying cycle to avoid over drying and under drying. Place probes inside a kiln, read moisture outside without opening a hot kiln. Multiple probes allow monitoring drying performance in different areas of a kiln. […]

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Lignomat In-kiln Wood Moisture Monitoring Package K2-33M

Nobody has to enter a hot kiln. Measuring wood moisture and humidity inside a kiln, obtaining readings outside. For all types of lumber dry kilns, solar, dehumidification and conventional steam kilns. Package K2-33M includes Lignometer K, inkiln monitor and Electrode E12 for depth measurements. Measurements are obtained easily by connecting Lignometer K to the switch […]

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