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Choosing the Best Wood Moisture Meter for In-kiln Moisture Monitoring

For kiln drying, nobody has to enter a hot kiln. Lignomat’s in-kiln monitoring Package K-11 allows you to monitor the entire drying cycle to avoid over drying and under drying. Place probes inside a kiln, read moisture outside without opening a hot kiln. Multiple probes allow monitoring drying performance in different areas of a kiln.

When considering the best wood moisture meter to use for your in-kiln moisture monitoring, it’s important to select the moisture meter that best compatible with your lumber moisture measuring needs in terms of measuring range, wood species and temperature corrections, as well as accuracy.

The Lignometer K incorporates the most advanced measuring technology for pin moisture meters with over 150 individual wood species corrections, a wide measuring range 5-99% and built-in wood temperature corrections. Reliability, calibration accuracy and ease-of-operation are the outstanding features. In addition, the K is built sturdy to withstand harsh working environments. 

It is the right meter for quality control when drying lumber, for furniture and cabinet manufacturing and flooring applications. If the lumber is hot or cold, the meter can correct for different wood temperatures. Ideal for in-kiln reading with PK Probes. PK probe and cable systems are often used to monitor lumber drying in all types of dry kilns – from solar to conventional steam kilns, small to industrial kilns. It is also the right meter to evaluate moisture conditions in buildings during inspections and restoration projects. Small changes in moisture are picked-up by this sensitive meter, which makes it easy to accurately pinpoint questionable areas, where too much moisture has been absorbed.

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