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Moisture Meter Calibration

How to Check Calibration and Function of Your Moisture Meter?

Every floor installer and inspector should have a meter to check the moisture in wood floors. Having a moisture meter and knowing how to use it is not all there is to know. It is also important to know how to check calibration and function of the moisture meter to avoid false measurements. Recently I […]

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How to Make Sure Your Lignomat Moisture Meter is Working Correctly?

Moisture Meter Calibration for Accuracy Lignomat moisture meters have evolved over the years to be more accurate, reliable and easier to use thanks to micro-processor technology. Advanced pin and pinless moisture meters now have built-in automatic calibration checks. Moisture meter calibration of Lignomat moisture meters is done internally every time the moisture meter is turned […]

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Newsletter: How to Make Sure Your Moisture Meter is Working Correctly

  November 2016, Issue No. 19 AT A GLANCE *How to make sure you moisture meter is working correctly * Special Offer Interesting Websites Calibration of Handheld Moisture Meters. 9 Wood: (read more) Keep in Touch: PHONE: (800) 227-2105             (503) 257-8957 FAX:      (503) 256-3844 WEB: Facebook How to make sure […]

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