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Moisture Meter for In-kiln Moisture Measurement

Whether you have no budget yet for a professional dry kiln, or you would like to monitor your kiln performance, a reliable and accurate moisture meter for in-kiln moisture measurement is the best investment for your kiln dry operation. Monitoring the moisture changes continuously will get you the most out of your lumber drying. It ensures your lumber at proper moisture content for further manufacturing and eventually prevents cracking, warping, or splitting in the finished products.

Lignomat Package K-11

We all know that nobody has to enter a hot kiln. The extreme conditions of an active dry kiln could put the wood moisture meter and the person who is using it at risk. The use of a moisture meter for in-kiln moisture measurement during the drying process allows for optimization of drying time and energy consumption. Too much moisture requires more time and energy, while too little can lead to over-drying, wasting energy and potentially damaging the material. Lumber drying could be rather complicated sometimes, especially with different species. Even though the relative humidity and temperatures are well controlled in your lumber dry kiln, it’s best to monitor the process to avoid any unforeseen problems. For a given species, exceeding the safety drying speed could cause defects in the lumber.

What are the Key Features of Moisture Meters for In-Kiln Moisture Monitoring?

When it comes to in-kiln moisture measurement, everything is about accuracy. Here are some of the key features of your moisture meter and its accessories that guarantee accurate readings.

  • A wide measuring range that covers the critical range below fiber saturation point
  • Automatic calibration checks before each measurement guarantees accurate readings.
  • Built-in corrections for domestic and tropical wood species.
  • Built-in temperature corrections for hot and cold lumber.
  • Insulated cables to withstand hot and humid conditions in a dry kiln.
  • Insulated probes to measure core and shell moisture.

Lignomat Package K2-33M

Lignomat offers a diverse range of moisture meters to monitor lumber drying inside all sizes and types of dry kiln – from solar, dehumidification to conventional steam kilns. The Lignometer K incorporates reliability, calibration accuracy and ease-of-operation with over 150 individual wood species corrections, a wide measuring range 5-99% and built-in wood temperature corrections. Unsurpassed accuracy is guaranteed even in the critical range below 8%. The Lignometer K has proven to perform well in rough mill environments with day-to-day usage.  

Lignometer K with the E12 electrode included can be used for on-the-spot, in-depth measurements before and after drying.  True moisture values can be detected up to 2″ deep, even if the surface of the lumber is wet. It helps determine the moisture distribution between surface and core.
Lignomat package K-11 is Ideal for small kilns. It includes PK probe, PK-H cable systems and
adapter H to obtain measurements at any time. The entire drying cycle can be monitored until the lumber is dry to avoid over drying and under drying. PK Series Probes have Teflon-coated shanks and measure only at the tip. Durable and robust for mill environments. The PK-H cable is made with a Teflon-insulated cable, which consists of a pair of twisted, shielded wires. The cable withstands hot and humid conditions in a dry kiln. The cable is temperature-rated for over 240°F (115°C). In addition, the cable was selected for its ability to accurately transfer measured values from the PK Probes inside a kiln to the meter.
Lgnomat package K2-33M is perfect for medium to large sized lumber dry kilns. It monitors moisture and EMC with extension cables, PK wood probes, in-kiln stations and external switchboxes. Measurements are obtained easily by connecting Lignometer K to the switch box outside the kiln. Readings show kiln performance and when the lumber is dry. PK wood probes are used to measure wood moisture. They are well distributed inside the kiln: the center, the left side, the right side, up or down.
EMC holders with wafers are used to measure relative humidity EMC inside the kiln. 4 Wood probe cables or 3 wood probe cables and 1 EMC wafer holder can be connected to a station plate.

Need any help choosing the best moisture meter for your in-kiln moisture measurement and monitoring? Contact Lignomat today. Our wood moisture meter experts are ready to help you out.