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Lignomat In-kiln Wood Moisture Monitoring Package K2-33M

Nobody has to enter a hot kiln. Measuring wood moisture and humidity inside a kiln, obtaining readings outside. For all types of lumber dry kilns, solar, dehumidification and conventional steam kilns.

Package K2-33M includes Lignometer K, inkiln monitor and Electrode E12 for depth measurements. Measurements are obtained easily by connecting Lignometer K to the switch box outside the kiln. Readings show kiln performance and when the lumber is dry.

Lignometer K is a great moisture meter for any wood drying operation with a wide measuring range, built-in corrections for domestic and tropical wood species and built-in temperature corrections for hot and cold lumber.

In-kiln monitor includes station plate, switch box, EMC holder, EMC wafer, PKB probes and PK-H cable. PKB wood probes are used to measure wood moisture, which can be placed anywhere inside the kiln, the center, the left side, the right side, up or down. EMC holders with wafers are used to measure relative humidity EMC inside the kiln. 4 Wood probe cables or 3 wood probe cables and 1 EMC wafer holder can be connected to a station plate.

In addition, the Lignometer K can be used separately anywhere for measurements with the depth electrode E12 and BNC cable. A hard-shell case M with handle and foam insert is also included for protection.

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