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Introducing Lignomat Wireless Data Logger: Your Ultimate Solution for Precise Monitoring

Ever wondered how to remotely monitor moisture with precision, efficiency, and quality in your operations? Meet the Lignomat Wireless Data Logger – your all-in-one solution for accurate, hassle-free monitoring of wood and building material moisture, EMC, and temperature. Its ability to provide real-time data, monitor critical parameters, and facilitate remote monitoring makes it an essential […]

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Contractors and Restoration Specialists’ Choice: Lignomat Data Loggers and Wireless Moisture-Log System

Lignomat Memo Chip BL2  Specifically for contractors and restoration specialists: for job-site surveillance and long-term monitoring. Alarms can be set to alert when unwanted conditions occur. Extension cables (standard stereo cable and 3.5mm connector) allow mounting the RH probe where it can best measure and the BL2 where it can be reached easily. Specifically for Wood: […]

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Lignomat Wireless Moisture Monitors and Data Loggers

On-site or with remote Access   With over 40 years of experience, we are one of the industry leaders in measuring moisture accurately and reliably. This knowledge was combined with the latest wireless technologies to develop the data logger BL2 series and the wireless monitoring systems. Our monitoring systems can measure: – Wood moisture, bamboo, […]

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