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Moisture Content of Wood

Nobody would worry about moisture in wood, if it would not be for shrinking and warping or the danger of mold development. Both problems have made the moisture content in wood an important factor. The first step in the prevention of moisture problems is knowing the moisture content of wood. But, it is actually not […]

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Lignomat Wireless Moisture Monitors and Data Loggers

On-site or with remote Access   With over 40 years of experience, we are one of the industry leaders in measuring moisture accurately and reliably. This knowledge was combined with the latest wireless technologies to develop the data logger BL2 series and the wireless monitoring systems. Our monitoring systems can measure: – Wood moisture, bamboo, […]

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Newsletter: Storing and Acclimating Your Lumber

August 2016, Issue No. 18 AT A GLANCE *Storing and Acclimateing Your Lumber * Moisture in Concrete: Free and Bound Moisture Interesting Websites Concrete Floors and Moisture (read more) Scientific article about different methods to measure moisture in concrete. Great information about the different types of water in concrete. (read more) Keep in Touch: PHONE: […]

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