Thermo-Hygrometer PN

The Thermo-Hygrometer PN is used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, shops and offices and homes to measure relative humidity and temperature. It is an important tool for wood floor installers, restoration and remediation specialists. The PN also works great to check for comfortable live-in conditions in homes and offices (60-80°F and 35-50% ).

Relative humidity affects wood and building materials as well as the health and comfort of people. Low humidity can cause wood to shrink and cup. High humidity can cause wood to expand and mold to develop. Click for <mold>. Click for <EMC chart>

We recommend the Thermo-Hygrometer PN for its wide measuring range from 5% to 95% RH and the fast response time, which makes the PN especially suitable for job-site estimates.

The perfect addition to your moisture meter.

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Thermo-hygrometer PN measures relative humidity and ambient temperatures. The RH meter is shaped to measure hard-to-reach places such as inside heating ducts, crevices and through small openings.

Used in homes, offices, manufacturing facilities warehouses and storage areas, anywhere moisture sensitive materials are affected by humidity. This includes everything made out of wood: floors, furniture, musical instruments, as well as most building materials. The ideal tool to add to a moisture meter,  for the relationship between wood moisture and humidity check the EMC chart.

Relative humidity is also a crucial factor in the restoration industry, where high humidity has to be detected and avoided to prevent mold growth.

The PN thermo-hygrometer is adjusting fast to changing humidity and temperature conditions, therefore it is ideal for job-site estimates. It covers a wide enough range from 5-95% to measure ambient conditions. Accuracy of RH measurement is +/-5%. If you need more accuracy for RH measurements, select one of Lignomat’s RH meters.

Operation is simple, push the on button and the meter indicates relative humidity and temperature values within a second. Display shows both RH in % and temperature in °F or °C.  The PN has a fast response time, when the relative humidity changes. It takes a little longer to adjust, when the temperature changes and the meter itself is coming in being warmer or colder.

Hold function: When measuring in places where the display cannot be seen, the hold feature can be activated. It freezes the last measurements and allows the user to move the instrument closer without changing the measured values.

Min / max function: The PN thermo-hygrometer keeps track of highest and lowest values within the present memory cycle. To start a new memory cycle, the old memory has to be cleared. After clearing the old memory, new min and max values are saved as they occur within the new cycle.

Sleep mode: Once the meter is turned on, it turns itself off after 20 minutes. No measurements are taken and no new values are added to the min / max memory after the meter turned itself off. If you want the meter “on” at all times either because you want the display showing at all times or because you want to continue to keep track of min / max values, you can put the meter into non-sleep mode.

Accuracy is one of the deciding factors when purchasing a thermo-hygrometer.
We offer 3 types of hygrometers, they differ in humidity range and accuracy, :

TN Hygrometer:  20% to 95%,  + 5%,  14°F-122°F , + 2°F

PN Hygrometer:5% to 95%,  + 5%,  -4°F-122°F , + 2°F

Lignomat RH meters:
RH: range 0.5-99.9%, + 2% for 10-90%, above and below + 3%  
Temp: range 5°F-160°F , + 0.5°F (for 32°F to 120°F), above and below + 1°F 

Ligno-Tec RH:  RH only
Ligno-DuoTec BW: RH plus pinless mode
Ligno-VersaTec: ….RH plus pin and pinless mode

RH BluePeg probe advantages besides accuracy:

Add one or more depth-adapters to the RH BluePeg probe and reach into hard-to-reach places such as inside heating ducts, crevices and through small openings. Depth adapters can extend probe 5″ or more above the top of meter.

Add RH cable and you can place the RH BluePeg probe into remote areas. The probe is then not affected by warmth from the hand holding the meter. 

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RH Measurements 5% to 95%
Temp Measurements 14°F to 122°F  (-10°C to 45°C)
Accuracy RH ±5% for 5-95% RH
Accuracy Temp  ±2°F   (±1°C)
Resolution 0.1%, 0.10F, 0.10C
Size 6.9″x 1.7″x 0.6″  (175 x 42 x 16mm)
tip Ø 0.5″ x 1″
Weight 1.6oz. (45g)
Warranty Thermo-Hygrometer PN has a 1 year warranty, Battery is excluded.


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