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Lignomat Wireless Moisture Monitors and Data Loggers

On-site or with remote Access


With over 40 years of experience, we are one of the industry leaders in measuring moisture accurately and reliably. This knowledge was combined with the latest wireless technologies to develop the data logger BL2 series and the wireless monitoring systems.

Our monitoring systems can measure:

– Wood moisture, bamboo, gypsum, sheetrock, solid materials, and more

– Relative Humidity (RH), temperature, DPT (Dew Point Temperature), GPP (Grains per Pound)

– Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC)

Concrete moisture using in-situ RH probes compliant with ASTM F 2170 standards

Surface and interior temperature

Lignomat’s wireless systems can be used as stand-alone data loggers or implemented in any control process where moisture relative humidity and temperature needs to be measured. We have been manufacturing wireless transmitters for control systems in lumber dry kilns for over 15 years.

Click the photos below for more info about Lignomat wireless moisture monitors and data loggers.

Memo-Chip BL2 Data Logger Pkg

Lignomat Wireless Moisture-Log System