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Contractors and Restoration Specialists’ Choice: Lignomat Data Loggers and Wireless Moisture-Log System

Lignomat Memo Chip BL2 

Specifically for contractors and restoration specialists: for job-site surveillance and long-term monitoring. Alarms can be set to alert when unwanted conditions occur. Extension cables (standard stereo cable and 3.5mm connector) allow mounting the RH probe where it can best measure and the BL2 where it can be reached easily.

Specifically for Wood: For customers concerned about wood moisture, we added EMC values plus an EMC alarm. The alarm will sound when the humidity gets lower or higher than the preset alarm EMC value.

Humidity data loggers provide more information than single readings from a thermo-hygrometer. Install a BL2 to keep track continuously on:

–Relative humidity and ambient temperature
–DPT (dew point temperature)
–GPP (grains per pound)
–EMC (equilibrium moisture content for wood)

When humidity matters: Each BL2 comes with the high-precision RH BluePeg Probe with long-term stability. The detachable RH Probe allows for inwall, in-depth monitoring. LED lights and audible alarms can be set to indicate out-of-range values. Selectable time-interval 30 sec to 24 hrs.

The BL2 records 16000 data sets. Reports show: Relative Humidity, Temperature, DPT, GPP, and EMC.


Lignomat Wireless Moisture-Log system

Adding MC Tracker to Memo Chip BL2 data logger, allows for simultaneously recording 1 RH probe and 3 wood moisture measuring probes.

For uninterrupted data acquisition of

 Wood moisture, Wood Temperature, EMC
 Moisture of Drywall, Insulation and other Building Materials
 Relative Humidity / Air Temperature
 Concrete Moisture using in-situ RH Probes

Reports can be viewed on-site or anywhere in the world via internet.